Paleo Thread


This is now the official thread for anything prehistoric, from the Cenzoic to the Cambrian (and before). Dinosaurs, trilobites, mammoths, birds (wait, they’re just the decedents of dinosaurs which was already listed :wink: ). Any questions, ask away! Any new movies, games, art, books, or other things that are cool, post them here for people to see!
Now time for some random pics.

Mark Witton Art
Emily Willoughby
Prehistoric Kingdom


My studio works with Augmented Reality sometimes, and for an in-house project I modeled and rigged a pterodactyl and a fish.

I believe the app is still available, and you can do this on your own phone.


These are really cool

Especially the AR Phone


Yeah, Ptero can be a cool animal.

Pterosaur site
I spend a lot of time on dinosaurs if you can't tell.


I’ve wanted to make some dinosaur rigs for a while now so I have a collection started of reference videos that I add to once in a while.


I’ll delete this if it doesn’t count, but someone made some illustrations depicting modern animals reconstructed using only their bones in order to display the inaccuracies of dinosaur images.

Artwork **Cat:** **Hippo:** **Cow:** **Swan:** **Rhino:** **Horse:** **Monkey:** **Toad:** **Whales:** **Baboon:**


just put them in a detail and it should be fine. I’ll make mine a wiki so you can see how it is done.

Something Something something something


It’s not letting me edit. How do I make a detail?


by adding a < details >, then a < summary > , and then whatever best describes it, then < /summary > , and then the pictures and/or words, and then < /details >
Just don’t put a space between the < > and the words.


Got it for ya! :wink:


Thank you!


I’m standing on million year old ground :o


Are there any good speculative pics of fluffy ceratopsians, sauropodomorphs, ornithopods and/or thyraephorans? I’ve not yet been able to find anything good, and the thought of all fluffy dinosaurs tickles my fancy.


Pachyrhinosaurus in the Prince Creek formation.


Fur or feathers??


Feathers come in many forms. :wink:


It’s oddly unsettling on a pachyrhino…


Now stare into its eyes as it devours your soul.


Well, we’ve found earlier ceratopsians with feathers. It is no stretch, then, to presume that more dinosaurs had feathers than simply theropods; perhaps all dinosaurs had feathers.


Oh, I know…still unsettling. :slight_smile: