Paladins : Closed Beta Key Train


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So, as mentioned when you reach Level 4 in Paladins you gain 3 keys to give away to more people. @Zeon has already given his keys away to three others, @Yurroth and @ToiletWraith have also said they will be passing on some of their keys when they reach level 4! It doesn’t take too long to reach level 4, so I wanted to make a separate topic to keep the key train contained here.

A few rules first to keep things clean. Please, you can ask for a key, but no begging. You may give keys away to friends, but it would be nice if you could pass at least one key along to someone else on this thread. And again, reaching level 4 does not take too long of playing, so if you don’t enjoy the game that much totally fine, but if you are not far off level 4 I am sure someone here would :heart: if you play a tiny bit more to pass on the experience.

Hope people enjoy the game and pass on the :heart:, thanks guys! :smiley:

EDIT: If you just can’t wait any longer to try the game, you can buy access to the game with the founders pack found on the website. This gives you Beta access, an exclusive Mount and some chests to start you off with a larger variety of cards!

If you receive a key, please edit your comment to reflect this, so that members with keys can find people to send them to easier.

Paladins : Closed beta key giveaway

i wouldn’t mind one


Finally got one! :smiley:


I’d like to have one :blush:


As someone who enjoyed the Battleborn technical test and is looking forward to Overwatch, I’d very much love a key, please!


@MiniCP Send me a message, I have 1 code left, need an email address.


If you receive a code from anyone, please edit your post to make it easier for people to find those without keys.


I’d be happy to get one :smiley_cat:


I´d be happy if you give the key to me or tell me how to get one.


If anybody has a key, I would really, and I mean REALLY appreciate it :3 I’ve read so many good thing about it… so if anybody has one, my mail is As soon as I hit lvl 4, I will bring some keys back :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. If someone should have a spare key to give me I would gladly share the new recieved keys further on with forum members.
Thank you.


I would love a ley too, if nobody minds passing me one. ^.^


just reached lv 4 :smile: does anyone still need a beta key?


I need it pls <3 i love hirez games <3
Everyone can add me on smite: trapa1197


If you still have one i would like to have it :smiley:


If you still have one, i’ll be happy ;_;


@Fou_Havoc sent invite, check your email
@Blacktipex need an email
@Trapa sent, check your email


OMG, thank you! Thank you so much! <3


np enjoy the game and share the love :blush:


I have not recieved the mail T.T
Pls resend the code T.T