Paladins: Champion of the Realm [MEGATHREAD]


OB64 has not been very kind. XD


I had 12,000 Coins because of this patch

Terminus and Zhin are still bae

But the only thing I dislike is the Deck Name Bug

I click on one of my Decks and then it gives me another Deck


A lot of stuff was announced at HRX over the weekend.

Battlegrounds reveal trailer:

Team Deathmatch reveal trailer:

Moji new champion reveal:

HRX go to war trailer.

  1. Battlegrounds

Obviously there trying to fit into the “now games” and it’s working, I wanna play it :smiley:

  1. TDM

This is something I’ve been wanting from Paladins forever by now

  1. Moji

Different from there normal characters, can’t wait to play him

  1. Go2War

Not a bad Trailer for a advertisement


Its definitely going to be an interesting take on the battle royale genre, I was really ready to move on to other games after the whole OB64 fiasco but I might stick around longer to see how it plays. Fortnite is pretty fun so it might be worth trying.

Welcome addition to the gamemodes, people have been wanting for a mode like it forever.

Played her in the PTS absolutely love her kit and her familiar. XD


I haven’t played since bull demon kid and I wrecked with him. Me and my homies gotta get back I see a melee character with my name on him


Oh I forgot, they finally started adding lore into the game.


I’ve been confused about this game’s theme for the longest time. XD

such a random hodgepodge of characters and mechanics lol.


Moji is hella fun


I am loving her. A lot of people seem to be enjoying her too and she’s just so adorable!


The theme for the longest time was like a mix bag, but as of last year they’ve really spear headed it into a more fantasy art style game. They’ve reworked and redesign some of the characters to fit more from techy stuff or more magic base abilities and designs.


Viktor is supposed to be some Russian mercenary, Tyra is like some fantasy style Norse hunter women, but then you have people like Makoa who are walking turtle punks.


No idea what hirez is doing.


Even they don’t know what they’re doing half the time. :sob:

Though I don’t think Viktor is Russian like our real world Russia.


shrug well anyway, the grind to get new characters is ridiculous, especially when they give like a couple hundred coins every match, and each match lasts 30< minutes.


Grind is pretty crazy but its still pretty reasonable for a F2P title. The only thing that will be annoying to grind is progression to level up cards because of the new unbound system, the only way to get around it though is to play bound modes or competitive where all the cards are capped at the same level.


But like…What’s the backstory? It’s such a heavily stylized and bizarre mix of literally anything they can come up with. I’m sorta interested in the reason all these characters are riding horses towards each other before engaging in wanton murder.

As far as gameplay goes, when I first played it back when it first came out it really didn’t click too much with me. I really wish there was some more depth to the card system(Though maybe this has been changed by now…?).


Wow they’re doing this now? I’m glad I stopped playing honestly.


Its not too bad. Because in Bound and Competitive it means you don’t have to grind because everyone’s at an even playing field and everyone has ALL their cards unlocked, its just if you’re looking to play the arcade modes that you just want to level up your cards. (Cards are also all unlocked in arcade modes)