Paladins: Champion of the Realm [MEGATHREAD]


The one character per game can make it or break it for some people. Its understandable, but at least the moba-esq item system during a match can somewhat counter enemy comps. Sadly if you get bad teammates you’re screwed for the whole game, in OW at least if one person was slacking with a character they can switch or their teammates can switch to compensate for their short comings.

Oh man are going to be in for a treat once Jenos (Support) comes out. But luckily he’s a soft healer so most of the time he’s best paired with another healer or one damage comps.


Fernando? More like “Fernandope.”


Laughs in glee as you burn to death: “Hahaha hahahahahaha”


Hi dude just wanted to message you about the conduit power thing a few years back and I chose ionikenisis :slight_smile:


Conduit power?.. infamous?


One of his old posts that got shut down


Mal’ Damba would be proud! “My :snake: likes you”


Yay they finally buffed Ying. Somewhat. :laughing:

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They’re really pushing the new rank modes.


I unlocked Zhin, and i think I made a great choice


Zhin is real fun, he might not have the same verticality as the other “meta” flanks but his unique weapon is so cool to play.


Landing that last strike :ok_hand:

Which Legendary Card is best?


It may be depended on how you want to use your abilities, but generally the Billow one is considered great because you’re essentially turning yourself into a ground evie. XD

I’ll check what build I run on to see if it may work for you.


I ended up unlocking “Stay in Counter state after countering” because I have trouble with Viktor or Tyra when playing him

60% isn’t bad at all, but I seem to use Whirl as my escape more often than Billow.

Thanks :slight_smile:


just posting here but, I’ve noticed that @SuperBadJuJu has been working as a “community specialist” for Paladins, not sure what it means but I’m sure he can clarify.


I believe its something like a community manager role where they help connect the player community with the devs. But what do I know.


Oh that`s interesting, happy for him! I checked his Twitch channel but havent seen any gameplay videos for a while about paladins, so was wondering what was up.


oh my got the new champion is Crow. XD


It’s just too hard to get the new champions and everything. Also, they significantly boost the new champions so the only good pick is that new one.


Not really some of the stronger champs are still the older champs in their respective classes. Bomb King and Shalin, Androxus and Buck, Fernando and Inara (who is very meta right now), All the supports except for Seris is super viable and all of them still get played at tournament levels.

The newer champions just have a lower skill floor which is why they seem more powerful, because they take less time and practice to be good at.

Don’t stress yourself trying to unlock everything, play what you enjoy and test them in the training range or when they get into free rotation.