Paladins: Champion of the Realm [MEGATHREAD]


Just thought it’d be cool to find other people here that play the game too.


Yay daddy Torvald gets a skin and Willo looks baddass with her Maleficent gear. [OB55]


I did play it before and I do really like the game but

  1. I’m horrible
  2. It was bugging my PC


Yeah, I like Overwatch a lot too, but I thought we already had a thread for this?



You know, I’m actually quite surprised that Paladins seems to be doing so well. I was one of the many that thought it’d get stomped.


Tried it. Haven’t played it very much, but I can get behind this.


I thought we had one too I looked it up but all of the Paladins thread are about the Parnell adaptations.

Gurl how you doin?

I played it during its earlier open beta, wasn’t into it. But after playing OW on their freeweekends and seeing my sis play so much of it, I decided to hop on recently and have been enjoying it. Still enjoy both this and OW, they both have their charms.

If its been a long time since you tried it it might be worth checking out. I believe the game may go out of beta after they release 15 more champions.


That feeling when they keep buffing characters nobody asked for buffing. XD




I thought this game died out? Was it always Paladins: Champions of the Realm?

So many questions…


Nah, updates keep things alive

Pretty sure it was

I only see two though


From what I’ve been able to gather Paladins actually has a pretty strong fanbase.


Seris be like…


Surprisingly strong fanbase and active community. Fanboism is on par with Overwatch which makes me sick sometimes.

Their streams outside of the dev patch streams suck ass though (not that there’s anything wrong with that) their competitive streams are boring compared to Overwatch.

A few known people from the Evolve community are competitive players in the game now.
Ones that I remember on top of my head right now is Bugzy who was apart of the recent Velencia DreamHack tournament (sadly a Chinese team owned their team’s asses) and Superbad Juju who hosted a lot of the tournaments for Evolve is apart of the hirez dev team now.


Silly Maeve.


I’m really bad with the names in this game but I love me some darky Lantern soul bitch and bomb king


Seris :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve recently started back up playing. No bugs yet but still losing 50/50 of my games, I’m starting to think it might’ve been the preview patch Paladins


I disliked this game for a long time. Then Maeve came out and I enjoyed her so much that I started to play it more. Then they nerfed her, so I stopped playing again.


Loved playing it for a while, but despised it after a certain point because you can’t switch characters in-game; there have been way too many times when it looks like my team have an actual comp, but then our supports and tanks switch to DPS.

(And yes, I have stuck to playing a support, but then for some reason, everyone else wants to play support.)