Paladin versus parnell


so what’s the exact different between the Fury and the Super soldier besides that the former reduces damage. also, what’s the different between the mutagen shotgun and the leech gun since both lower the heal Burst


he can decently heal only himself where slim aoe heal whole team.


Paladin only heals himself with heal burst, not team members.

Also Parnell’s SS grants movement speed as a buff, where Paladin gets Damage Reduction.


Ah yes, forgot about the movement speed. Cheerioy


Wats the difference between the healing rockets and Ciara’s grenades


If i remember correctly grenades can reach more spots and heal for more each.


ehhh… honestly i’m not 100% sure. Obviously the rockets are going to go exactly where you fire them, but if I remember right the healing rate is close to the same, but the area reached is smaller.

so Caira’s is, need better aim with a larger area on the grenades, however a smaller clip (3 for caira, 5 for Paladin)

compared to Paladin with smaller area on rockets, with larger clip (and also what is basically super soldier to support his playstyle)