Paladin Parnell's Rockets less like Caira and more like Parnell

Paladin Parnell is 3 things: A strong medic, too much like Caira and too much like Slim.

I wanna tackle the first two points here. The main reason why he is strong, is because his weakness, focusing him and somebody else is not super obvious. He also is too much like Caira: Grenades with a 8.8 meter radius that heal 120-125 health.

The 8.8 meter radius is the main issue in this suggestion. I think it makes it too easy for PP to heal more than one target at a time. If you look at the real Parnell, the latest explosion radius I can find about his rockets is 4 m inner radius (full damage) and 7 m outer radius (reduced damage).

To fit PP more in his role of only 1 target at a time, I suggest reducing his radius to 4 meters.

Since I dont want a flat out nerf, I also suggest that his maximum spread of 6 gets reduced to 2, which is what Parnells Rockets have and would make it easier to hit targets with that reduced radius.

I can also imagine how an increased rocket speed would be nice to make him more different from Caira whose grenades travel rather slowly.


I agree. It would raise his skill ceiling as well. Many people consider him the best medic because in the right hands with a player than can aim, he is unstoppable.

idk, the original Parnell 's target is big monster, so the rocket actually hits directly on monster even when that radius of 4m+7m
PaPa 's target, however are small hunters, and 8.8m is already smaller than 11m
if anything I would say give caira an extra nade

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No, it is not 4+7 but 7-4. It is 4 meters full damage and an additional 3 meters reduced damage.

That would make them even more similar and thus be the opposite of what I suggested.

It is not an issue, if 2 or more hunters are that close then it makes it easier for a monster to land attacks on them and damage multiple targets at once. So it is not safe for hunters to stay that close to each other and if they do take the risk then they can either get rewarded or punished for doing that.
His rockets are slow and inaccurate at distance, if you reduce the range he won’t be able to heal in a fight as the hunters move so much, already it takes skill to predict the movement of hunters.
This will also make him unplayable for less experienced players which is already not easy enough.
Papa is not a strong (OP) medic, he is in a balanced spot after the nerfs in a row, it is just that every other medic is under performing in the game right now so picking them is an insta lose.
A medic player has very few picks available.
TL:DR Papa is in good spot and does need any changes

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Good suggestion for PP. All I want now is a Caira buff hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

A 8.8 meter radius means they can be 17.6 meters apart. That is not that close actually.

An ability with a 7 meter radius would still hit only 1 target, while 2 get healed at once. I am not suggesting to make both Caira and PP have a smaller radius, I am suggesting to make them more different, so only PP should have a smaller radius.

Hence why I also suggested to increase the rocket speed an accuracy. I even marked that in bold. Did you really skip that part?

These medics have been in a good spot for a long long time. And now a new medic is introduced that outperforms them and suddenly that medic is the new gold standard? That just does not make sense.
If in your view Goliath and PP are balanced, and Behemoth and Qaira are underpowered, dont you think it is also possible that actually Behemoth and Qaira are balanced and Goliath and PP are overpowered?

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I’m going to have to disagree on this one, not because I think you are wrong about PaPa having an unintended ability to splash heal, but because I think it will generate more problems that we can’t deal with.

The problem in question would be rocket accuracy when PaPa does not hold the high ground. Given that his rockets travel a straight line, hitting someone on the same elevation as you is a huge problem. An error of a few degrees (vertically) will give you a ridiculously large error in terms of ground distance.

At present, this is only helped by rocket radius. The problem is so aggravating, some PaPa players run jump height or flight efficiency, just so they can leap or float to land those rockets. If you want to reduce the radius, you’ll have to provide a solution for this first, and the only answer I can think of is to have is rockets arc down, which in the name of diversity we don’t want.

So my counter-suggestion is this: give PaPa healing falloff instead. Change his 8.8 radius to 5m full healing, and 10m partial healing. Splashing will be weaker, since you’ll be tagging both hunters with the edge, and the no-elevation shot reliability will remain mostly the same.


No Flat no.

Why should we lay hands on anything?
I am really super tired, there are so many things that need to be fixed and you are making a thread on how to ruin something that actually works.

Yes this is a great idea lets bring all medics down to RVal usefulness.

So how about no? How about leaving some things the hell as they are and let medic class some room to breathe with some actually usefull medics?


I always did think Paladin Parnel’s healing launcher was too similar to Ciara. It even has more capacity and fire rate her healing grenade launcher. But @FlyingFactory pointed out something very true, due to the straight nature of the rocket travel, hitting targets that are level with paladin Parnell is hard. And reducing rocket AOE will make this much worse.

And I think that targets that are near the centre or direct hit being healed for more is a very nice thought. Say, a direct hit or within 1m of the centre heals for something like 160. Then out 4m heals for 110. Then after that it heals for 80-90 out to 8.8m. That will reward skilled players and those that are truly professional with Paladin Parnell while reducing his overall power in the grand scheme of things. A win-win?

I actually thought of changing caira’s grenade to have proximity fuse to it is different
or you right click to detonate it mid air