Paladin Parnell's Nickname



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Community variant unfinished nicknames

Do not disagrace Parnaladin.


what about PP it is simple short and fancy


I want this since I named RenegAbe.



We have a PP emergency!


I like Parnadin better tbh


I think I prefer Parnedaladinarnepalapardaladinarnelladin.



Is it pronounced (parn-A-din)


Sure. As long as my name sticks.


I kind of like Palnell better


Half the fun of a new variant right here.


I’ll update the pole with different nicknames


I’ve been going with Palnell.


I rather not have to say PP and then someone look at my like a retarded duck or snicking in the background. So I like @Rapterror’s Palnell

  • Palnell
  • Parnadin
  • PP

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Really hard to come up with a good nickname for this since the two words are sort of similar; both beginning with Pa

Parnelladin is becoming my favourite

What we have so far:
R.Val - not really a nickname but I haven’t seen anything for her since release
I’ve come up with Tank/Thank for Tech Sgt, haven’t seen a nickname for him either
E.Griff - again I don’t think we have a real nickname for him too


I thought you weren’t supposed to vote in your own pole lol