Paladin Parnell's Heal Burst

Paladin Parnell is great with high healing potencial when played right. But his Healing Burst is only effective on him and I don’t think that’s really good, because it doesn’t heal him that much, and sometimes rockets are hard to aim when on the ground, or when facing the monster face-to-face. So I had an idea; why not give Paladin Parnell Healing Field instead of Healing Burst? Like Rogue Val, it could possibly heal everyone when active, and when activated, it could only heal Paladin Parnell for like %50 of his health.(Not %75 like Rogue Val, that would be overpowered when combined with the damage resistance). It would give Paladin Parnell (a bit more) healing power, and it would help out a lot. Obviously, the shotgun’s cooldown reducing effect must be removed if this is applied to Paladin Parnell. I had this idea because I saw Paladin Parnell couldn’t heal his teammates as much as needed. (No harsh comments please,it was just an idea).

That would literally make PParnell into a reskinned RVal.

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The way to think about Paladin Parnell is that his heal burst is his super soldier, righteous fury, as long as you can aim!

The healing in a short space of time you can do is amazing and better than any heal burst, but with a longer cooldown than your traditional heal burst on another medic.


With his abilities and shotgun cooldown you can spam it constantly, especially with reload speed perks. Combined with his own shield effect, and the healing rockets in downtime, he is practically impossible to singleout.

When active healing I am healing more with him than ANY OTHER MEDIC right now. I got to a fight late and almost everyone was dead. I pressed 3 and then rapid fired rockets at the ground between us all and undid literally all the damage that was done to the team in like a few seconds.

Heck he even does good damage. Most of my games have been like this with him at least:


That’s absolutely impressive.

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Sweet. How do you not miss your team with the rockets when they like to fly high in the air or jump on higher inclines then you?

The AOE on them is insane, I just shoot the walls and rocks and such nearest to them when they are airborne and it usually reaches them. If not then yeah sometimes you have to wait till they land.
If someone is in real danger I will try and use #3 to hammer out as many rockets as I can in the brief time they are on the ground.

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LOL at the 3 solid minutes of RF.

In a match that was probably 10 minutes long max I’d guess?

Thats when he is doing more healing then any other medic is capable of, in case anyone didnt realize.


Dude that was like a month ago, he has been dialed back since then. It’s not that bad, if anything he is one of the few good medics right now.


You can actually see in that picture where it was a 13:24 length match.

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Good eyes.

And yeah the necro is an issue for me today.

I keep seeing these “suggested threads” and when I post there turns out they several months old, lol.

I’ll stop posting in them when they stop being suggested to me, LOL.


Couldn’t get 6 more healing to round up the number, scrub.


Also keep in mind that other medics HB isn’t factored into their healing.

Only Emet and Papa show full healing stats, so Val could easily be pulling 20-25 if HB is used regularly.