Paladin Parnell: What is his strengths?

What are your thoughts on PaPa in the current state ?

He has been nerfed, old news. Do you still choose him ? Is he one of your first choices ?

Not really for me, I haven’t been playing much so I’m also curious to what others feel. Really, not an easy medic to play.

Weakness is maintaining healing and switching between targets. Your team at best will need to go nearer to each other for better healing per second.

Btw, i usually go for reload and capacity perk. You suggest double reload instead ? i used to try that though but 5 shots can’t help much. And capacity also helps the shotgun.

Caira was kinda obsolete when PaPa was new but now if you ask me, Caira’s acceleration is so much more helpful.

Strong, but tough to play. The better a monster is at splitting damage between paladin and a focus target- The rougher his game is going to be. There are definitely going to be times where you have to choose between a down on yourself, or a down on whoever youre trying to save (Which is fair, as long as you guys have made enough damage to make that down a fair trade in the first place).

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I guess PaPa is back to normal status, cannot be a loneranger without a good support. Looks like Sunny or Hank is still needed.

Whereas for Kala, I think Lazarus is best coupled or Slim.

yeap, cuz you can revive a downed hunter very quickly, and even faster with righteous fury, but i hate making such decisions.

it makes me feel like a bad medic but i’m hitting all my shots ! how about the hunter evades instead than face point blank