Paladin Parnell Stats - 8/30/2016


Mutagen Shotgun

  • 0.6 heal burst cooldown reduction per pellet
  • 11 damage per pellet
  • 7 shot capacity
  • 120 rate of fire
  • 3.5 seconds reload time
  • 8 pellets
  • 5 min, 10 max spread

Generyst Rockets

  • 125 heal other
  • 30 self heal
  • 190 incap heal
  • 8.8m explosion
  • 40 m/s speed
  • 5 shot capacity
  • 100 rate of fire
  • 3.5 seconds reload time
  • 0.1 min, 10 max spread

Righteous Fury

  • 15.5 seconds active time
  • 30 seconds cooldown
  • 80% increase to rate of fire
  • 67% reload speed
  • 30% damage reduction
  • 300% jump height

Heal Burst

  • 525 self heal
  • 300 incapped self heal
  • Self heal only
  • 20 seconds cooldown

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What necessitates P.Parnel to have an incap healing of 190?

Ahhhh I was close! I was thinking that his self heal was around 500 when I played him.


Those look like some amazing healing numbers for paladin parnell. I’m doin some calculations to figure out how good his healing truly is.


I think Palnell is making OG Caira obsolete. Sadface.


I must be going crazy, could have swore little 10s were popping up all over when trying him out in solo :horse:


Solo? AI?

@Insane_521 This answers my question haha

@SledgePainter MWHAHAHA


Would have been cool if Paladin Parnell had an actual shield


I thought the generyst rockets would heal himself the same amount. Is that too strong?


I think it would take away from the uniqueness of the healburst/super soldier combo if he could heal himself practically in another way


I was surprised at it too at first look…but then I realized the Self Burst and Shotgun combines so I thought…eh


@Insane_521 Hi Cory.
Off topic, is there any news on dtabase like this for all characters? I would like to see all up-to-date stats like this for all availablr characters.
Much appreciated


Damn those are some nice stats


AI may frequently pick damage reduction perk?


Very good shout, hadn’t thought about that.


It also could just be a thing that AI monsters have like they have infinite traversals when out of player LoS.


Is that 67% increased reload speed or is that reducing the reload time to 67%?

Because the first is 59.8802395% and the second is 67% kinda significant difference.


does any one notice tehss 67% reload speed does that mean that they stack with reload perks? so if i have 25% reload with double reload persk… will the 67% stack

even if it doesnt stack willl the reload on on his rocket heals will be at 1.5 secs when on righteous fury?


I noticed that if you wait a little after each shot, you have a better accuracy. Could you maybe provide the exact time for that to happen?

Does that mean the reload speed is 67% of 100% or that it is decreased by 67% to 33%?

Perrty sure its not that because no weapon works like that.

Pretty sure that they dont stack. The game only applies the highest buff, while the perks get added together and count as 1 buff.


All of the perks say increased reload speed which is why I’m curious. They don’t say reduced reload time.


Yes, thats what a though a few months ago too. It’s confusing, but 27% reload speed cuts your reload time down to 73%. This is for every weapon. They reduce reload time, not increase reload speed.