Paladin Parnell side-grade suggestion


Paladin Parnell plays a bit too much like Caira but with better self sustain. Allow me to make 2 suggestions to make him more distinct.

Shrink the blast radius of his healing rockets, and possibly remove his ability to heal himself using rockets (by shooting his feet). In exchange boost the healing of each rocket slightly so that he heals more damage per rocket hit.

This will give PP a higher skill ceiling and make him distinct from Caira.


No. This would raise his skill floor and make him unreliable in pubs.

This is very minimal and not reliable if he gets focused. You’re better off sticking on shotgun.

His healing is fine where it’s at. I believe he should have 6 rockets instead of 5 though.

People like to compare Caira and PapaParnell. They have very different play styles.

PapaParnells rockets fire strait, and so you always need to be above the fight, whereas Caira can arc hers and can be level with the team.

Emet is Laz, Caira, and Slim built into one, so I think the PapaParnell skill relationship to Caira is unreasonable. Especially since PapaParnell’s SS ability is a temp buff to his healing.