Paladin Parnell Reload Perks


when i choose duble reload i don’t see any “faster reaload” just like nothing changed i know that P.Parnel have slower reload anyway but i check with OG Parnel (cus this same animations) and faster reaload was noticeable then i hop on paladin and compare with perks and without and guess what… nothing changed it’s a bug or what?


if youre using p.parnell rocket launcher without righteous fury, and with 2 reload perks, it does have a difference of 1 second. goes down from 3.5 to 2.5.

however when u pop righteous fury,you would think (3.5 - 67% = 1,15s) right? or even better, (3,5 - 67% - 27% = 0,84s)

well for some reason from what i have counted,it caps at 1.8 or 1,7 i dont know, which would be roughly 47% reload speed,also it seems that reload perks dont stack with righteous fury