Paladin Parnell is Too Squishy



So I tried playing PalNell in training just to try him out. Of course I fight Goliath for this mode and I must say that I have never taken so much damage before in my life. I had a Fourth of a health left against stage 1 Goliath, I repeat, STAGE ONE, he used a rock throw against me just after I healed myself, and he killed me. I had HALF HEALTH with the def matrix up and he killed me with Half HP. I used the rockets on myself thinking It works like Cairas grenades, NOPE, nothing. Also, your character is so Uncreative. His shotgun is just like slims except worse, his Rocket Launcher does NOTHING compared to Cairas, his Defense Matrix does NOT reduce as much damage, and his heal burst I similar to Slims and Rogue Val mixed together. I used Rocket Man, Reloader, and Defense Perks but I still took too much damage. Your character is bad and you should feel bad, we need a new Support and Monster, not 8 medics. I am NOT happy with this new update!


All characters have the same amount of health


Paladin parnell is just sound tough on paper


Yeah, but you know the meds, tinfoil for armor.


Should’ve dodged.[quote=“Casenator485, post:1, topic:101120”]
he used a rock throw against me just after I healed myself, and he killed me. I had HALF HEALTH with the def matrix up and he killed me with Half HP.

Maybe you activated it too late.

They do.

It does.

Obviously, he’s a medic.

Oh no?

“Too much?” Maybe the Monster had full DI?

Ffs, he just came out.

Edit: Nice post in 34 minutes? I thank you all.

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I’m actually finding him to be fairly tanky from my first impressions


He seems tanky with increased firerate, damage reduc, and a pretty damn good healburst. If you’re being focused, go with the shotty and shoot the monster in the face = heals.

If other teammates are in trouble use the rocket launcher of doom healz.

On that topic I find his healing rockets to heal a pretty good amount and he’s a really good burst healer and group healer. The only downside I can find (first impressions again) is that his reloads seem really really long and encourages taking at least 1 in reload or both.

That too, don’t say for sure his balance since he came out like what, less than half an hour ago? I said my first impressions but I could very well be wrong, but I’m not being pretentious with my opinion.


his rockets are the same as qaira… not caira


How the fuck can you cry about it after one round? Judging from your post and what you describe, it’s not only Paladin Parnell that’s too squishy for you. Maybe you should stick on Assault


Wait until tonight when I test him out to see if he is crap.

I bet you, you weren’t playing him right. No medic is made to tank damage, and Slim is an example of why no medic should be able to tank.

PapaParnell probably needs mitigation perks over offensive.

Just give him time.


Try defensive perks. Gif unrelated.


I for the life of me couln’t figure out this insane peel.

Early in match, no ish… i had the upperhand, evolved… something happned. went stage 3 and I was just peel’ed like crazy…

was this an exploit of some type, because, before anyone says.

“well its behemoth” or the like, please dont, as I have a good feel for what should be the armor and health drop off is for behemoth and other monsters.

When I asked the hunters where the peel was coming from they said parnell ( lobby two parnells, sunny and a trapper that didnt do anything.)

I could post more of the fight, but the clip shows the slowest amount of burn done.


Oh my God, you speak the truth, @KomodoLover.