Paladin Parnell Balance


In my personal experience Paladin Parnell is too strong currently. In any given situation it is better to have a Paladin Parnell than anyone else. for the following reasons.

  1. He is THE most tanky medic out there…attempting to focus fire him will result in frustration especially if he has a competent support player on his team (for example a hank or sunny). The unhealthy thing about his kit is that he combines what makes rogue val unique with the self heal and the cooldown refreshing of Slim. This combined with the fact that he is essentially getting a lesser defense matrix makes for far too much resources invested in bringing him down.
  2. Alright you might be saying…sure he’s hard to bring down…then why not focus his support or other teammates. An excellent idea I’d say…if it weren’t for the area of effect long range healing rockets, you can have another teammate pinned against a wall…and he can simply fire nearby the wall and effectively gimp your burst combos on the target.
  3. His damage. Parnell is rewarded for playing aggressively…however unlike slim he puts the hurt on the monster…and sacrifices no real safety to do so.
    From what I’ve experienced on both sides of that coin it makes for an extremely unhealthy experience where the monster folds his hands and prays that the hunters grossly misplay and the raw power of the Paladin will be reduced, or that they perhaps have very poor communication or grouping skills. From how I assume this game was intended playing well as the monster would mean you have the advantage…(as per stage 3) not…you have a slightly better chance.
    Now for my suggestions, I’d recommend some sort of resource or debuff that our paladin has to juggle. If he had some sort of drawback for overhealing himself or perhaps lower capacity to heal his teammates then I’d say he’d be a well balanced character. Perhaps he’d have his movement and attack speed greatly lowered after he uses righteous fury as part of a “Power now in exchange for weakness later” initiative he has to think about.

I apologise for the spacing and if the tone offended anyone. It wasn’t my intention and I was just trying to voice some concerns.


I think Paladin Parnell is pretty damn balanced. He seems invincible unless you know his counter, like really any character in this game. (Except Slim, who is pretty much invincible if you’re a melee based monster).

The biggest thing about Papa James is his version of the Super Soldier. When he has that in his back pocket, yeah, you’re not getting anyone down. So you have to force him to burn it by focusing either him or his teammate until he has no choice but to use it to stay alive. The second you see his defense matrix pop up, run. If you stay, he’s going to out-heal everything you do, and your health is going to melt away as the team punishes your futile flailing. So get away from the hunters, try and mitigate as much damage as possible in that time, and come back when it’s worn off. You now have roughly 30 seconds to combo the shit out of him or his teammate for a down while his healing is back to being trash.


i wouldnt say his heal is trash without righteous fury, it just means he cant your heal the monsters burst in time which is a propriety that i dont recall many medics having(slim beeing the only exception),still i find his heal to be damm good, fires faster then caira,and u can get an extra rocket with a single perk of superior capacity,while getting reload, ur reload time is pretty much equal to a perkless caira.


A perk-less Caira without a heal burst who can have her grenades body-blocked. I don’t have numbers on his actual healing but it feels pretty easy to get through until he pops the RF. And his self heal is negated just like Slim’s, via tumble-lock or DoT from afar. I find him to be a bit useless once I’ve baited his RF. I think against a talented monster who knows to bait it, he’d have to have a really great/coordinated team to perform as well as other medics.


whats tumble-lock?


Hitting him with knock-back abilities consecutively to keep him locked in the tumble animation for a significant amount of time.


You mean the impossible thing?


Nah… rather than nerfing him… all the monster will need to be buff to make the monster more harder to kill… since we can see majority of people starting to use PaPa often resulting in high combo damage…

Passive DR and DI on monster is needed now on all of the monster to balance it back


Landing abilities in quick succession is not anywhere near impossible. That’s exactly how you focus down Slim, who is less susceptible to it because of his quick healburst charge. And if you feel you aren’t capable of landing abilities quickly enough, support and trapper are equally viable options.


Mostly I’m talking about how it’s braindead easy to break out of tumble with jetpack.


You can correct yourself for like a second but if the monster is hitting his abilities quickly, it puts you back into tumble immediately so you never actually regain control until his abilities are spent. That being said, it is possible for PP to use jetpack to avoid being tumble locked in the first place, but it massively increases the spread and makes charging his heal burst much more difficult. Either way you damage him and hinder his recharge until he’s dead.


if u gonna waste a bar to get out of tumble then u have less jetpack to dodge the next attack… its not that easy to get a good goliath off the tumble combos… u need a good griff who can time the harpoons instead of spamming them to help you gain that extra second to dodge or run around or roach…

For PP i was picking double reload … but after trying Jump ,Jump, Rocket king im liking it on PP… it gives better aim to land ur rockets properly, and also the jump height lets you be out of mele range and gives u enough time for your mutagen shotgun to leech and recharge… so when u land u have the 500 heal burst even if u eat damage ur next jump u can get the 500 heals ready… pretty handy


So this is where we are now? Hunters have reached the level of strength where damage mitigation is a thing again, after dome mechanics were entirely redesigned to avoid such antics?


Damage mitigation is arguably the whole game, man. Trading health for strikes (or attempting to avoid giving away any health for strikes) is what the game is all about.


S2 removed damage mitigation. It’s not a thing anymore. Trying to do it just results in wasted time for the monster.


Eh? Good monsters constantly try to catch hunters off-guard during dome recharge to get free strike for no health loss.

You’re right that running to hide in a corner is now fruitless, but good monsters use all their mobility to move quickly around inside the dome to avoid as much damage as possible, while doing as much damage as possible.


Honestly TRS can’t release another monster that’s low mobility until they resolve some issues with hunters not being able to be locked down. Until then…wraith and gorgon will rule…moreso gorgon because lets be honest here…anyone picking wraith will rue the day when they see that kala on the hunting team.