Paid trolls?


Do you guys think that competing publishers have paid trolls that drop into different sites to stir up shit?


I highly doubt it


I know that businesses do this but can’t say whether they are/aren’t here.


I honestly doubt that. It just seems like the hugest waste of everyone’s time, money and effort. And even if they do actually do it, I’m pretty sure it hasn’t worked once in the history of ever.


Probably not in the gaming industry, but in other applications I am sure it has, masses are easy to incite


I suspect it happens. It’s common among political competitors, for example. It wouldn’t surprise me if it went on in this industry.


Yup. Some businesses set part of their ‘advertising/marketing’ funds towards ‘anti marketing/advertising’. Never underestimate the power and ability to influence people.


Being paid to troll others? Sounds like a very disgusting practice, if you ask me! :frowning:


And it is. However, nothing illegal about it.


It sure as hell looks like it to me!

People are hellbent on going to communities that love the game to bash it for absolutely no reason.

I don’t know why they can’t just move on-- I guess it’s “cool” to hate Evolve now.


Looks like it to me, as well. It’s the same blatantly wrong assertions repeated over and over, ad nauseum.


What would the troll be paid to do? Annoy us? Make us hate the game? Make others hate the game? Nobody could make me hate Evolve. If someone makes you hate Evolve, you were never a fan. Plus if they’re trying to make people hate the game, I think they’re coming to the wrong area lol.


They destroy the confidence of fence sitters


Ahhh my suspicions were correct! Valve is trying to sabotage TRS over an ancient dispute with there twelvie trolls! ( kappa :stuck_out_tongue: )


That’s a good point.


This is unlikely, conspiracy theories are always more complicated, and hence, more improbable, than the simpler explanations of human fallibility, stupidity, weakness and incompetence.
We have plenty of evidence of the simpler explanations of human behaviour in all walks of life, conspiracy theories are less frequent and require positive evidence to confirm.
Now, some people might be paid off, some might be motivated by that alone, even without explicit instructions, to either praise or bash a product in question, some might be paid off with explicit instructions, but as you move down this road of more intentional malice attributed to people, the probability, and thus the number of people it would be safe to assume taking on such roles, decreases.


I was thinking spread misinformation to influence low info potential buyers.


True, but it would be easy enough for a few people to generate many, many accounts on many forums to spread BS.


It’s possible,but I think a lot of the Evolve hate comes from a mixture of misinformation and poor marketing on 2Ks part.


I doubt it, I´ve seen the paranoia of people thinking everyone is some malicious evildoer, on the steam forums of this game, I had someone accuse myself of generating multiple accounts, and I wasn´t even blaming or praising the game in that argument.
I just think it is unhealthy to go with so little evidence accusing people of having such intentional behaviour.
Now, it is perfectly normal that people are little s**theads, that we see plenty of, some simply see that people like a certain game, and that is enough to hate it-- The whole hipster culture is based on hating what other people like, for no good reason, other than a “counterculture” thing of rebelling and trying to stand out by copying the behaviour of other people standing out.