Paging Competitive Cabot Players. Halp


I consider myself a good Cabot. I think I’m a good Cabot.

I hope I’m a good Cabot.

But I’ve recently hit a wall trying to get better at Cabot. I don’t know what to do. ;W; So I’m requesting aid from those of you who are the best at using Cabot, I’m looking for high level tips and strategies, and I don’t think there are many of you but I’m pretty sure there are some.

I know @MaddCow used Cabot in a tournament and saw my own Cabot play, so I’m hoping he can offer advice, and I know @Buster_Brown_Skin is good at him, so calling you too. Any help is appreciated.

Please note: This is not for more basic tips, or for team strategies, this is for what I should do in game to use Cabot better. Thanks to all who respond and **no snide comments about Cabot being bad, and if I see cabbage in here, word or picture, I will flip a table and cover you in mini-@Shin people…

Also calling @Shin because he seems like he can evaluate my level of skill with Cabot. :3 And because he’ll be here the second he wakes up anyway. Because he’s Shin.


I’d need to see some clips of game play to honestly be able to help.

Apart from basic tips like calling out amp before using it so your team can coordinate it’s hard to advise much of anything.

Now apart from saying that, most high level play rests in situational awareness, jet fuel management and environmental control.

Situational awareness. The first major tip here is knowing how long the monster is going to be focusing on his target and who that target is. This helps determine when to put pressure, amp and when to waste cloak to help evasion. Yes this is basic but it translates to high end play with every decision you make. Choosing to damage amp when you’re the only one wanting to put pressure is going to cost the team a strike.

Dropping a dust tag and firing at your mark when it’s running away is absurd. You’re the only one damaging it through walls and allowing it to build it’s stamina faster to gain more ground. Arguably if the monster is running on fumes for health it’s acceptable but moving for the kill as a team is preferred.

Damage amp… Well, like any support should be. Sit on high ground with good line of sight keep brighter lighting to your back (if there is one) this makes it harder for the monster to see your jet pack when cloaked and slightly harder to determine you’re the support character.

Do not take the highest ground. Take a nearby mid height. If the monster decides to focus you, this allows you to take higher ground and punishes the monster for trying to reach you where you were. Make him waste time, stamina and armour/health for considering it and he’ll have to determine if trying to further push is worth it as you could easily jump off the cliff back to the mid platform or all the way to the ground. Meaning the monster would be further wasting resources. Tunnel vision monsters lose a lot of game because of Hunters who use elevation to their advantage.

That’s the most I can do without any visual information on how you play Cabot and I’m pretty sure you knew all of this anyways.



-I did not know this! I’ve always gone straight for the highest ground. Thank you for this, going to be very useful- even when playing Medic or Trapper. :stuck_out_tongue: Much appreciated.


You are going to want to pick up a copy of Sun tzu art of war then. It’s instinctual to want the highest ground, mid ground gives you an opportunity to give the monster a false sense of security but you (now) and I know that this is a way of Denying resources and that is a great way to control your opponent. Forcing them to make more decisions means more chances for them to mess up. When they mess up we get a payoff.

I’m glad I could help. I have other thoughts but I’d hate to rabble off a huge lists of tips just to have you know all of it.


If you have time and care to, I’d love to hear them all. I still have a lot to learn. :stuck_out_tongue: But for now I’m going to sleep. Thanks for that one tip, going to be very handy.


The problem with this is not having enough jetpack left for dodging abilities.
I would find a high ground across the medic (preferably in the middle of an area/dome). So whenever you would get focused, you could just walk off (but still be in LoS of medic) with all your jetpack left for doding/manuevering.

My input is: communication. Cabot can put out alot of damage by himself, but he is best when you coordinate properly with your other hunters. Shoot that railcannon whenever the assault is not in range or doing damage. Once assault catches up, switch to amp if you’re sure the assault will be able to output high dmg.
Don’t chase too much with Cabot, just stand in a central location where you have great LoS of your other hunters but still have your amp be in range. Your assault will be chasing the monster, so he’ll eventually show himself!
Quick tip when playing Markov: When you get focused, run towards markov’s mines and amp. This’ll either scare the monster away from u or damage him quite severely


Thanks for the input but as I said, going for more advanced stuff right now. Thank you for the mine trick, that’ll be fun to use.


I could link you a video of one of my team’s practises? We use them for re-caps, seeing what we did good/wrong etc etc


That would be good! :slight_smile:


I can’t think of many things as Cabot.

1st.See the assault is near by.Scream:AMPLIFYING.
2nd.Be in the middle of the fight,but also away from the monster.You can get heals,damage,amplifies and most important cloak your medic/trapper out of the fight.
3.You need good aim since after his nerf in railgun you need to be hitting the monster at least 4 out of 6.
4.Amplify is now better than Railgun.But that doesn’t mean you should use only amplify.Find out when to use amplify and when railgun


I feel that Cabot should not be the one to announce Damage Amp, it should be the Assault. The Assault knows when Super Soldier is up, he’s in a good position, he has full jetpack and is in the Monster’s face. Try to have the Assault be the one calling for it, not the other way around.

As Cabot, your best role is the post dome chase. As soon as the dome has 5 seconds left, head towards the exit where the monster is going. Follow him, keep up with him and keep denying him food. That is your biggest asset. It forces the monster to not eat and run. This makes a huge difference and I still see monsters ‘eat and run’ instead of run then eat.

If you know the Monster is in an area, dust one side while you flush the other. This helps cut down on areas the monster can go as well as help against sneaky backtrackers.

At the start of the map, use your dust cloud immediately in known locations monsters can be within los. For instance, on Weather Control, aim it near the jungle section to the west, or in the water areas down below. There isn’t need of saving it very often. The only time Dust Cloud should be saved is when the monster is close to Evolving.


The assault of my team ask for the amp. It’s much better this way. More over Cabot and markov/hyde take both jetpack refuel to be always together. It works fine :o


i’d like to see how you play and see if there are anythings i can tell from that but for now ill comment on things mentioned. :3

  1. all around both assault and cabot need to call out when they are able to do damage/amp combo. however when its torvold is assault its important to save damage amp for mortars.

  2. dust tag used at the start is always a good idea. time your tags with the trapper so that you dust before the dome starts making it easy for the team to stay on the monster and not letting him waste time in the dome at the start. this makes it so that your dust tag will be available right as the dome goes down.

3.always check where your dust tag is going to drop. most maps will allow drops on areas that have a overhang. avoid dropping on the very edge of maps. give it about a 2-5 m leniency. also pipes are your worst nightmare. the worst place for all of this is Armory. really be careful on this map! :3

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