Pack evolve (on steam)


I bought Evolve hunting pass (on steam). Subsequently you have published evolves pc monster race. Don’t can I upgrade my evolve deluxe copy to Evolve pc monster race in any way?


You can try contacting steam support it’ll help if you mention that you want to upgrade rather than canceling your order I’ve heard.

There is also a way to get a refund on steam click on your account name in the top right should bring up a menu click on account details and go to store transactions and find the things you bought and click request a refund it puts the money in your steam wallet. The refund doesn’t work after the game is released or for gifts I’ve heard that people who ordered it awhile ago didn’t have the option for the automatic refund either.


The only way to ‘upgrade’ your version is to refund your current one and actually buy the other edition


If that’s true that is not cool at all.

I preordered in July 2014 from Amazon that gave me a digital key i used in Steam. My card was run and everything making this an ancient purchase that was used. So in theory I would have to pay another $100 for the Monster Edition on top of the $60 whereas more recent customers get the Monster pack for the $100.

I will contact Steam and report my findings on this. Customers who showed support early on shouldn’t be penalized and I’m sure there are a lot more of us in this boat.