Pacific Rim 2


The part near the end is like Evolve but with super robots. I came here just to see if other people thought the same too. LOL. I didn’t saw the first movie but I will definitely watch this.


I must be the only one who saw the trailer and was not at all excited by it. It seems they took everything I didn’t like about the original and cranked it to 11. This will be a redbox for me.


Not the most exciting movie. Feels like they went to far in trying to up the action.


You’re not the only one Rocky. Something about the tone of this trailer doesn’t grab me. A lot of peeps have complained that the jaegers don’t feel heavy enough, more like a scaled-up Iron Man suit. That fact that the films conclusion will just be fighting a bigger kaiju also seems a bit meh. Was hoping that there would a slightly different take on them this time around.

That being said I’m sure the action will be great, and trailers don’t always do a film justice so the jury is still out.


The size issue on the Jaegers is something that’s been bugging me a bit.

I think for me, the first was awesome in my books, but always took issue with the action scenes lighting.
It always was shot at night, and mostly with rain. I believe that from that aspect this movie looks to be slots cleaner. At the very least, two action scenes I can tell take place during the day here in the film.

I’m also not convince that the bigger Kaiju is the finally, for one, I don’t think of all the Jaegers we’ve seen, that all of them will survive. Second, they would be blowing their proverbial load way to early .

Although it’s very possible, given the current state of Hollywood.

What I’m very very happy about, is we know nothing about the new Kaiju, and I for one look forward to discovering them.

I’m not a big robot guy, but I absolutely adore Kaiju.


You’re not the only one that wasn’t hyped by it, but I have a secret weapon called a “hacked Amazon Firestick”, so I never have to leave the house to watch new premiers.


My man! I could care less about robots, but I’m a Kaiju Groupie! :dragon_face: :goliath_roar: :meteor_goliath: :kraken_stare: :elderkraken: :gorgon: :wraith: :behemoth:


Apparently I just saw this trailer the other day and didn’t even know it was out. I felt like it wanted to be more like Power Rangers than Pacific Rim :frowning:


Ah, so they’re making a sequel now, huh? Wasnt the first one made like 3 years ago?


The first Pacific Rim came out July 12, 2013, so it’s been four years, six months, and one day since it released. We’ve known about the sequel for a few years, but we’re just now receiving information about it like the plot and new characters. I remember when it was pulled from the release schedule and everyone thought it might’ve been canceled. Back then, the only thing we knew about the movie was the release dates (April 7th, 2017 and then it was delayed to August 4th, 2017). Heck, the release date changed again from February 23rd, 2018 to March 23rd, 2018. Basically we have known about this movie since like 2014, but it didn’t really enter production until recently, so there wasn’t a lot of news to talk about.


Oh i see, why didn’t it get made until now?


There were probably some conflicts between Universal and Legendary that delayed the film.


Oh, I see, well I might watch it then.