Pacific Rim 2


The trailers out!!!

I suck at this forum posting on my phone, I always have issues.

Honest trailers broke the first one down pretty well
It’s either the most awesome dumb film ever made
The dumbest awesome film ever made!

Now I’m excited, because I love giant monsters:


It seems improvements are abound.

For one, (I will post the trailer when home)
They made a very clear effort to have the action (seemingly) take place during day scenes.
This was actually one of my biggest gripes about the first film.

For all it’s eye porn, it was always raining or at night, except one flashback.

Second I can already tell the machines and pilots won’t just be destroyed right away, there’s a conscious effort to make sure there’s more than just 2 Jaegers worth watching. It will also hopefully allow them to flesh some characters out.
This actually could detract in the end, as I worry that everyone will survive, and the stakes are low.
We’ll see though.

John Boyega as the lead actor seems way better than Charlie for this particular film.
Also, listen to the first 15 seconds, and tell me you didn’t think it was Idris Elbas character from the first talking, and seeing as he plays his son, I’m 100% sold on him as his son, and as the lead.

I get the first film had issues, I don’t think it was perfect, but I enjoyed it for shutting my brain off personally.
I know some who love it
Some who hate it, but the sequel looks to be better (LOOKS)

Also, I swear right at the end, the inspiration for the giant kaiju screaming is Goliath, just the way it’s chest puffs, and it’s mouth opens.
Maybe I’m a dreamer, but it gave me memories of the opening scene from Evolve.

Anyways, lets talk!
Flame the first!
Or sing its praises from the mountain tops.

Let me know what you think of the trailer (hopefully I get it posted soon)
One thing I think we all can agree on:
Giant monsters= fucking awesome


Beat you to it. Though that depends on how long the trailer’ll last on this link.

Imo looks pretty damn good, but we’ll see.


I’m seeing evil robots which could mean that the pilots became evil, the Kaiju have figured out how to drive them or it’s like the evolve lore where they make themselves out of their environment. (The robot monster on the space station)


I appreciate it! I’m terrible at posting media!!!


Yeah I’m really intrigued by the idea of the creatures using our own tech!!!


Maybe the aliens that made the monsters reverse engineered our tech from what was left of Gypsy Danger and then incorporated it into their monsters/made their own. Whatever the reason, it’s awesome and I’m really looking forward to this.


The glados voice in the original teaser trailer could hint at an AI revolution who may have sided with the monster? Either way it’s robot v robot and that’s awesome.


Looks lit af


Glad0s was the robot voice in the first one, too. Didn’t have many lines, but it was definitely her.


My hype train has crashed into trillions of suns already. This movie is going to be spectacular, especially in IMAX 3D.


Regenerating Kaiju? I love it.


Like there’s any other option to watch this in!


I was thinking about D-BOX 3D because of the moving seats, but since there isn’t an IMAX D-BOX 3D format yet (Could you imagine the ticket prices for that? That’d easily be $20-25 for an adult ticket, but oh man would it be good. You’d have moving seats plus the quality of IMAX. That would really immerse me in the movie), I guess I’ll be going the IMAX way.




You should watch Evangelion. Even bigger robots fighting even bigger stuff. Just saying.


Some of the Heisei era Godzilla movies have bigger robots fighting bigger monsters than Evangelion.


Yeah, but animated fighting > people fighting in suits and wires

Also, Evangelion has a bigger monster than in any Godzilla movie. The fight only lasts about 5 minutes, but still.

Also x2, I’m not sure those robots are actually bigger than an Eva. Eva 01 is 80 meters tall. And many of the Angels are bigger.


Yeah, animated fighting is better than suits and wires. I wonder what Pacific Rim would be like with suitmation instead of CGI.

Oh yeah Zeruel’s (the Angel that Shinji went berserk mode on) like 160 meters tall.

Heisei MechaGodzilla and M.O.G.U.E.R.A. were 120 meters tall. Mecha-King Ghidorah was 140 meters tall.

One more thing, did the whole idea of kaiju parts being used to build some of the Jaegers get dropped? I was thinking maybe the reason that the Jaegers are fighting each other and destroying a Shatterdome (or some kind of base) is because some of them went berserk due to the kaiju parts inside it. The Jaegers seem to be like Eva V2s with them being more agile and stuff instead of being kinda bulky.


I 100% forgot about those xD

Still, some Angels are bigger tho.

Leliel is 680 meters in diameter.
Sahaquiel is fuckin huge, too. See image



Matarael is of notable size
The Twelfth angel and Shamshel are also massive, though Shamshel is probably smaller than the two you listed.


I have been ready for this for 4 goddamn years. What I loved about the original was that it didn’t fuck around–it knew it didn’t have an especially rich story or characters, but it didn’t let that get in the way of being fun. It knew exactly why you were going to see it, and it didn’t waste your time with an annoying protagonist or bad comic relief, the story was only there to give you a reason to be invested in the action, and damn, did it work. I think a lot of action movies could learn from this “brilliant stupidity,” as I like to call it. It’s exactly what a kaiju flick should be. The trailer alone for PR2 delivers on this premise. For once, I’m excited for a new movie.