P. Parnell's Menu Background. Future Map?


I really want a dark, freaky, and foggy map with those tentacles all over the place and twisted looking landscapes, I bet that’d be cool. Maybe make it for Halloween and give it some twisted wildlife that has been mutated by the mysterious “Hybrid” we’ve heard about in Deepest Dark.


It’s (bog) Kraken wings just sticking out, they probably won’t make a map centered around that.
It’s most likely there purely to add to the “A man of justice VS evil, darkness and corruption” vibe they are going for.


@ToiletWraith It’s a conspiracy…


A ma-

…woman. A woman can dream!


Whatever is in that tree looks awfully small… Could just be her tentacles being used for ambience like Kraken’s tentas.


Palnell is a different Timeline…so this “background” maybe his timeline’s map