P. Parnells Eyes hmmmmmmm.....~~



Just look at his eyes!

They look kind of like…


Dang that white pixel in his right eye is sooooo annoying after this post … X-D


He’s from the Spirits Within :slight_smile:


I came in here expecting to see someone comparing his eyes to those of a character in another game, and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised. His eyes were the first thing I noticed when I saw him initially… they’re just ridiculous. :C


But but but

His codpiece



Jigsaw eyes oooeh shit


“Tell me,do you bleed?..I can heal you”-P-Parnell


Yeah I kinda hope that they slightly adjust his eyes. He looks like he’s surprised as something went up his butt or something.

Like that is the only thing that makes me not want to like this adaptation.


+1000 His eyes are ridiculous rofl…
stuPid Parnell


Am I the only one that thinks the goggles look sick


I’m wondering if it looks like an early concept art of hunters.

You can find some on the forum within one topic I forgot…