P.parnell + waggie


Went against this twice today as monster and… I was surprised.
Usually I see waggie as an easy win but today not so much, I couldn’t focus medic because the traps kept me back and his self-sustain kept him going and if I focused waggie he just spammed damage in both cases support seemed nonexistent and assualt was decent but not far past what I’m used to seeing.
Anyone played with/against this team? I wouldn’t call it an op pairing but was definitely the best I’ve seen waggie


What makes her better for this situation than Maggie in your opinion?


I really like PaPa now… when in team monster wont be targeting hank like a missile anymore since PaPa can heal back the dmg again making the monster keep on focusing on him…

I manage to combo hank+PaPa and Cabot+PaPa+Renegabe for crazy chip dmg around the monster


Maybe nothing I only had time for a few rounds but this time I felt the dots from the traps more than ever now because of spreading damage to counter pp.
Could just be having an off day but it was enjoyable by making me work a lot harder and had to abandon brawler tactics for a more planned attack for the first time in a while.


Yeah I play monster and like pp already it’s forcing me to use new attack styles


I’m still frustrated. It seems if he is played well there is no real good counter in a dome.

Best I have had success with is just running and trying to down 1 hunter at a time before he shows up.

Well except the few bad players who didnt do anything except shotgun attack while I kill his whole team.

But its funny how quickly some players took to him, must be pretty easy to play as.


From a “playing as” perspective, P.Parnell’s healling is okay but he can’t really keep up with monster burst - the only time he can sort of narrow that gap is when he’s in his super mode state. If you force him to use it and time out the buff, the cracks in his healing ability really start to show: I was really feeling that lack of a healing burst.

However the worst thing you can do is just focus him straight out at the start of the dome. He basically turns into a mini-assault, with his own personal medic.


Yup… and try to accommodate the assault damage at minimum… since that bugger going to chip ur damage

After PaPa SS is done… he is basically fucked and make sure to down him every dome just like hank


well it sounds like you do have to focus him until he pops SS, then run around taking chip damage for 15 seconds, then try and actually attack him if you have any armor left by then something like 30-45 seconds into the dome.

Either that or just ignore him and try to out damage his massive heals, which with some reload perks is much less time of relief and easily supplemented by a support shield burst or god forbid they have an actual shield support!

And to those who say body block the shots I present this picture, which correct me if i am wrong shows him getting 100 healing on a downed assault by shooting the ground well away from him and further away from the target then a body blocked shot would be.

The effect has a radius of effect that is larger then the monsters body is thick. I dont think you can actually body block them if you are hitting melees, which correct me if i am wrong monster do when focusing a target.

I think most peopls advice is assuming the monster is goliath, or maybe bob?


That is wrong, P.P. Missiles heal for 190 on bodies.


I read that but figured maybe there was some falloff?

So his healing is 100% of that 190 regardless where his rocket lands?

What are the numbers on the assault representing?

The video that pic was taken from is here:

Its right at the end, I am gonna rewatch right now and see if i can make sense of it.

You are right, the yellow burst effect was left over from the acid spray i think, and the numbers were just my damage on him.

So that yellow 100 must be from my mutated claw and evolved claw stacked with web snare, the white 225 was a heavy attack. (But that should be each second for 3 seconds? Maybe DOT doesnt last 3 seconds on downded bodies?


Yes those ticks for 100 are from your webbing skill. Also nice tunnel forcing there.

I think this is a bit of the hypocondriac effect: you are aware of or have a notion of a problem and attribute a lot of symptoms to said problem even if it doesn’t have anything to do with it. You can see it on Rob’s more recent video’s where he’s freaked out about tinkerbells, and now anyone who flies away from him triggers accusations of tinkerbellism (new word coined woo-hoo), when in the comments the actual players will say they had other perks but rocket king.