P. Parnell Shouldn't Have The Assault Shield


It makes him unfair to play against. Everybody picks him because he is basically a second Assault and can reliably damage the Monster. He needs to be looked at ASAP.

Before you say to counter him, good luck doing so when a competent Support and Assault are on your ass.


I think that’s the point of PaPa, a tank medic. He’s not the most effective at healing so he balances out, whether or not he’s been balanced well, I don’t know, but I’m glad we didn’t get another weak liability medic


He doesn’t have the assault shield. It’s a lower % DR.

I have no idea if he is balanced or not, yet. The main medic guy on my premade seems to think PP is pretty meh.


he has 30% DR with righteous fury.


That Dr is still too much. Nobody picks anyone but him and an EMET here and there. He is too frustrating and when he uses that speed ability he outheals any monster. He isn’t fun to fight.


Focus him early. Make him pop his RF. Run away. Once on cool down feel free to focus him or anyone else of your choosing.


Hard to run away when he pops the Dome down and everyone comes to him, having the Trapper monopolize your movement with a RL perk and an Assault with Damage perks up and Buckets spamming his recharge with the shield buff. P. Parnell is honestly too much to deal with when thrown in the mix with other Hunters that do their jobs TOO well.



No. He isn’t.

And even the spammiest Griff it takes a split second to swing around and break the tether. Then you jump away. Break line of sight. Even when in a dome there are places to run to.

Unless you choose your fighting spots carelessly. You can make a hunter’s life hell and run down a clock. If you DO choose your dome location carelessly then all the nerfs in the world won’t help you against any hunters.

Again…bucket does a shield…recharges…and shields again. Move away. His shield decays quite quickly.

So many monsters think they need to stick to a hunter at all costs. This is why so many monster mains cry “nerf this” or “nerf that” while the top monster players just keep quiet and adapt when they know something is not OP but just requires a new approach.

You’re free to your opinion however. I don’t feel he’s OP at all. Quite a mediocre medic and average damage dealer.

As you were. Carry on.