Own Evolve Hunters Pass, suddenly lost T4 Hunters on PS4


I purchased the Hunters Pass (season pass) for Evolve and received my T4 hunters as usual on the release date of the 31st.
I have played all of them normally with no issues, up until today. When I logged in today and attempted to play the hunters, my T4 were all locked saying I needed to purchase them from the store. I restarted the game, and the issue still persisted. I checked within the store to see if I could re-download them or the hunters season pass to get it to work, and the store screen said “There is no content for sale or it is no longer for sale”. I then restored my licenses associated with my account on PSN, hoping to restore my purchases, and this also did not work.

I’m just wondering what could be causing this issue for my hunters to vanish even though I had owned them for a week prior to the issue occurring.



I just got the same issue on PC. But I unlinked & relinked ‘my2K’-account earlier tho…

But I’ve had friends saying they’re also experiencing this. What is going on? :o

EDIT: I can use my tier 4 hunters again (havent checked behemoth tho). No more problem here