Own any evolve Merch?


What the topic say
For me, I have this Funko figures, and have the "Art book of the game " on the mail.


I’m wearing this Val leggings right now!!


Changed the category to General since this is related to Evolve :smile:

And sadly, I don’t, but like I have said before in other threads, I really want the Bucket statue :cry:


Goliath and Val figures, the Evolve guide too. We need moar Evolve stuff. D:


edited it to add the picture.
Now your show me the leggings…
plus points if it end up sexy


I Think there will be not…
And i would love a Wraith figure…
But that will not happen…


Yeah, I’m not going to get up from my desk to take a picture of my leggings, so this is all you’re going to get.


I have a trapjaw glass and a 4v1 coffee thermos thing. Love them both! I would get the POP figures but idk where I’d put them.


Da’www! Nice pic! :smiley:


more than enough, i approve.


Does somebody know if there’s Bucket merch other than his statue? :open_mouth:

I need… Bucket stuff!!


I have not hear of anything outside maybe 1 or 2 T-shirts

like Evolve isnt really a game “to follow” on the main stream, probably no body is on a hurry to get the licence, and seeing how the old merch still around. I dont see much stuff poping out, except maybe really selective items, like statues.


Don’t worry, I got you covered on Bucket stuff.



If Bucket and Blitz Markov had a baby it would look like this:


Some one ask me where to get this.
So… Where did you get thouse.



So there’s a Bucket shirt and it looks great!! I think I will buy this for my birthday!! :smiley:


So far I have an Evolve poster, USB flash drive, Sticker and a Strategy guide.

That’s about it. I used to have monster wristband too, but uh…it melted. O_o

My brother got me a babass Goliath T-shirt, but it has yet to arrive. :frowning: That and I’m still searching for an Evolve cap. So far they’ve all been out of stock for indefinite time or they wouldn’t ship out of US. :frowning:


I would like to buy some evolve merch, where could I get little player models like I saw a jack one awhile ago on some website. And where could I get a poster