Overwatch vs Battleborn


So whats the differences between Overwatch and Battleborn? I have 4 friends trying to convince me to get overwatch and 3 trying to convince me tovget battleborn.
I missed both betas so i have no opinions of my own.
From what they explained both games are pretty similar.

So whats the Evolve family think on this matter?
Pros and cons of each?


Imo, I much prefer Overwatch. I just find it a lot more interesting in… Well, every aspect.

I like the gameplay better. The characters. The maps. It’s just all so much more appealing to me. The only character I actually like in Battleborn is Whiskey Foxtrot, and even then he’s just not really my playstyle.

Honestly, I’d say go with Overwatch. I find it a lot funner than Battleborn.


Are they both FPS MOBA’s? Ive heard that from my peoples that they are basically that.
Like whats the difference? Besides overwatch being “better”?

The quotations on better because its your opinion. I dont wana step on no toes yet :stuck_out_tongue:


Overwatch is much more of a team based FPS, rather than a Moba. No Minions, no Towers, etc. Battleborn, at least the multiplayer, seems to have many more MOBA elements. Very different games.


I never said Overwatch was better. I just said I find it funner and more interesting. It’s “better” for me.

And Overwatch is more of a hero-based FPS, while Battleborn is more of a hero-based MOBA.


well if you have problems on deciding stop comparing…just decide on what game type is more your thing…


Yay im a dummy! Lmao i will watch this when i get off work. So i hope its worth it lolz


well I used to compare them too untill a friend showed me this…and yes I’m a dummy too so let a fellow dummy tell you it actually is worth it…^^…


Battleborn plays more of a MOBA with creep, towers, getting items to improve stats, etc.

Overwatch is an arena team based shooter where you utilize characters with their own set loadout fighting for an objective such as escort payload or capturing an area.

I went with Overwatch because everything is available to you at the start with no grinding requirement to unlock anything, the cheaper $40 price tag on PC, WAY higher playerbase, free characters and maps post launch and no season pass like Battleborn is doing.


The season pass is purely cosmetic DLC and instant access to new characters. It’s 15$ as well, not really bad pricing.


Im on board for that :slight_smile:

Do you level up in Overwatch? Or are all abilities open as soon as the match starts?
Im assuming you level up in battleborn because,stated above, its a MOBA.

Man…i wish RTS’s would make a GOOD comeback. (i played Starcraft 2 but i found it lacking)


You don’t level up in Overwatch, at least not in game. You do level up your profile however. This allows you to unlock loot boxes that give you cosmetic stuff.


So what exactly is the season pass? Cosmetic as in just skins? And early access to new characters isnt worth it to me. (id rather earn em anyway)


It’s skins, taunts, and possibly remodels.

Edit: It’s also important to note, the season pass is 15$.


well everything besides the ult that is unlocking while you play…
the Ult-meter rises on it’s own but it’s rising faster if you perform well…so playing well using ult more often…otherwise yes every skill is usable right from the start…

and yes in battleborn you have the leveling system to unlock your skills and improve them like in a moba…:slight_smile:


I gotta say thanks guys(and gals) you all are clearing this up 100% easier for me then my friends have bin.


Battleborn has more content, but Overwatch is the more fun/better game in my humble opinion.
Honestly both are really good.


I went with Battleborn because I play a lot of Dota 2 and I spent most of my early gaming career playing Team Fortress 2, and I like the humor of Borderlands so it’s a good fit.

TotalBiscuit is a saint for defending Battleborn because it and Overwatch are VERY different.

However Blizzard’s marketing is better and their animated shorts are crowd pleasers.

Maybe I’ll get Overwatch eventually. For now I’m very much enjoying Battleborn. That’s all it is. Preference.


I hate to be that guy, but I will because I honestly think that it needs to be remembered… like forever…
Battleborn on the game side of things, really can’t say much but what I will say is that this game is made by Randy Pitchford, a person who made Aliens: Colonial Marines and had the audacity to tell people that the game is fine and they are just nitpicking…

My opinion shouldn’t put you down if you actually buy Battleborn, but remember the history, that is all. And for that alone reason, I can not support this developer…


The two games are very different, and I personally love them both. However, my personal preference is Overwatch. The game is more approachable, it has a higher playerbase, the class system and team tips allow for strategy even in pug games, the cosmetics (especially the skins) are far more impressive, and the graphics are generally cleaner.