Overwatch vs. Battleborn


Over the past week I have started paying attention to these two games and they both look great. I have watched gameplay from both games and looked at some articles on both games as well. I also know that both games are coming to consoles and that their release dates are fairly close to each other.

I would like to know what people think of both these games, especially from people that got a chance to play one or both of them (I know they both are running or just wrapped up a closed beta).

Some other things I am looking for are differences between the two games. I’ve looked at some wiki pages for both games but the info on those pages seem to focus more on the characters and their abilities rather than overall game mechanics.

From what I can tell so far:

-Battleborn has a progression system where you level your character up within each match; allowing you to upgrade your character’s abilities at each level. It seems to take elements from MOBA’s (I genre I am just starting to learn via Smite)

-Overwatch doesn’t appear to have any kind of progression system but it does seem to emphasize it’s players to play in a role much more than Battleborn (having support players, healers, etc). There also appears to be more synergy between the characters from what I can tell, which would promote more teamwork.

I know we’ve got a bit of time before these games drop but odds are I’ll only be able to pick up one of these. So what are y’alls thoughts?




i played battleborn and i was super disappointed. there was nothing i really enjoyed while playing. it was not too bad… but after a few matches i closed the game and after 2 days i deleted it.
i don’t have a beta access to overwatch but it looks way more fun, gameplay looks smoother, cooler characters, abilities. i will get overwatch… in the beginning i thought i will get both games… but now i’m sure i will not buy battleborn.


Why? What is it about Overwatch that makes it better than Battleborn for you?


I’m really enjoying Battleborn’s technical test atm. It’s really damn fun and compared to Overwatch, it seems like it has more depth.

That being said, I haven’t/can’t play Overwatch because i’m on console, but it looks great; polished and smooth, overall a sweet fps. I kinda wish I could play it because it looks fun as hell, but ah well, I’ve got plenty of games to look forward to on console. You win some, you lose some.


This is what I like in a game. Teamwork. And not the ‘teamwork’ “I’ll watch this door you watch that one”, the kind of team work that will cripple you if one player can’t do their role. Like…Evolve


i don’t think it will hurt that much like it does in evolve. maybe in super high level play.


I feel like Overwatch is much more team strategy oriented than Battleborn is.

I’ve played both games, and like someone else mentioned I literally played 5mins of Battleborn and quit, then promptly uninstalled it from my library.

I still play Overwatch and have fun with it. Right now it’s somewhat repetitive due to small player base in testing, and game modes or map rotations but none the less it’s ALOT more fun than Battleborn was.

Alot of players are in uproar now about the game having a price tag but that doesn’t bother me so much, so long as at release there is a good portion of heroes to choose from, they did just announce 3 more at Blizzcon, and D.Va looks great along with Genji.

I am not a Blizz fan boy, since I never could get into WoW, but lately they’ve been growing on me with all their new stuff, even so this genre setting new 2 Players controlling 1 Hero in a Moba thing (See Cho’Gall)…They are willing to break grounds and think of new stuff outside of the box to push limits.

I really like that from a company, and they are proving just this to me.

It also may helped I loved TF2 and almost always played spy, which I am hoping a spy like character comes to Overwatch, until then I’ll keep playing Reaper since he’s a flanker mostly similar to the spy.

All in all, I feel like Overwatch is the way to go out of the 2


I am a bit surprised that players are getting stale with Battleborn so quickly, being that it is so different than other games out there (that I know of anyway).

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to try the game myself before it comes out to see if I feel the same way…I definitely don’t want to pick up a game that I’ll get bored of in a matter of days.

It does sound like everyone who is playing Overwatch is really liking it though.


I’m still super Salty about Aliens Colonial Marines.
Gearbox studios can go to heck.
You’re a liar Randy.

Having said that, Overwatch does look pretty damn cool. Reminds me of my old S/MNC days.


I can’t play Overwatch, but it does look cool. I’m just disaapointed that there seems to be no story mode. I don’t want an MP only game.

I did play the Battleborn tech test a bit and was disappointed. I can tell you that there will be an open beta before release. So, you’ll get to try it yourself. In the meantime, here’s my thoughts…

I initially thought the artstyle was very cool and visuals are huge for me in a game, but actually playing it, the graphics didn’t do much for me. Also, I was excited that there is a story mode that you can play solo or co-op. However, the chapter they had was very dull. Little to no story, not funny and nothing more than shoot these guys, run here, shoot these guys, run here and shoot boss. Nothing interesting there. Plus, most of the characters I wanted to try were locked and the ones I did play were not very exciting. Just overall, a pretty bland experience.


And I’m constantly streaming my overwatch gameplay when I am online playing, so if anyone ever wants to watch or hang out, just pop in my Twitch channel.


I don’t minds games that don’t have a single player component. But it’s sounding like Battleborn’s multiplayer gets repetitive very quickly.




I fucking hate Lars Battleborn.
You can get beaten up by a girl until Alduin returns a 3rd time for all I care.


Well the artstyle is Gearbox like if you don’t like their style from Boderlands you won’t like the one form Battleborn.
The tiny bit of the Singleplayer campaign we all (CCT) could test is by far not enough to really judge on the entire campaign. But you might of course feel different about this.
At the moment you can play all available 15 characters until the CCT ends. Before you could only play 10, after the 1st stress test you could try 4 of the locked once. Over the last weekend the enabled ALL locked characters and locked a few of the initial 10 to have people try them out. I am not really sure how often you have played the CCT but you definitely missed out on a lot of opportunities to play all 15 characters.


We could only try ONE(!!!) PvP game mode on ONE(!!!) Map I think there will be 4 to 5 in the final game and I don’t know how many different maps. The one we played is great I think it has a nice strategic component is well paced and with a group of 5 people who understand the goal of the game mode super fun to play. But that’s just my impression after 20-30 hours in the CCT.


i like the graphics in borderlands… but dislike the graphics in battleborn.


Since Overwatch is not becoming another F2P (shit) I am going to buy both Battleborn and Overwatch. What I saw from Overwatch looks fantastic and Battleborn also has a full PvE campaign which is very interesting.


I didn’t realize that people were restricted to one mode on only one map in the Battleborn beta (or CCT?). I imagine it does begin to feel repetitive fairly quickly in that case.

I am just trying to get an early impression on these two games and what makes their core gameplay different from one another. I am not passing judgment on either game yet considering we are still 6 and 7 months from their release and I’m sure plenty of new info about both games will be revealed in that time.