Overwatch Post-Launch Thread

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Shut down a cheater in comp today. It felt good… and when they made me go junkrat so I could counter their headshots… they knew i was coming after them so they did their best to take me out. but several hundred hours as junkrat allows me to be to tricky and we stalled the payload at the .3 meter range and pushed it back.


Checked out the new map on the PTR and listened to some peeps play the piano :’>
Funny one they played was Megalovania >.<

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i still click with symmetra ^.^


New hero has healing burst!!!

(Edit) I was way off based on the description, still a cool character, but thought he would have a burst :frowning:

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His PoWER Level Is Over 9000!

I;ve been trying to get this going since his announcement.

help spread the memes… Seriously… We are going to see a lot of vegeta babtiste parody

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I just recieved 5 shot callers and well deserved comments from overwatch.

This Just made my day

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Fighting against a Sombra as a Wrecking Ball Main


Me :

btw i love the new Wrecking Ball Highlight intro from the new Event i can believe theyhave give him the old dramatic chipmunk meme as a intro even whit the music i hv laugh so hard xDDDD


i am officially part of a clan now. we have 3 squads lol

overwatch is so fun once u get a group of non-toxic friends to play with. thx God … no more solo queueing , no more toxicity, throwers.

be mature, find alike people, then work with them.
attitude is always first before skill.

oh there is a new update. the new bastion skin looks good


When were clans added to Overwatch?


They weren’t. But you don’t need a game to “add” clans to join one. It’s not like they can’t exist without the game officially supporting them. “Clan” is just another name for what you call team in this game’s jargon.

Long story short, just find 5 other people to regularly meet and play the game with, clan or not clan. GG, ez clap.


its better to find a clan, theyre more determined and have set times / practise.

if you find assorted friends, random ones will come on at random times. you’ll never get all the players u want in a team. and at random days.

a clan is better, u get to know your team and have more confidence.


I’ve been having fun with titles of my videos being both correct and misleading all at once.

Blizzard really wants to make Overwatch the next Team Fortress 2 and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. Who knows, maybe soon we’ll see people editing and creating new maps. All these new changes will help keep the game and community alive and fresh for a long time, just like Team Fortress 2.

I think this is a sign that soon Blizzard will start focusing on new games.