Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Tbh, everyone’s behaving really badly. Dozens of people are in outrage about soldier, and dozens of others are singing to the skies about him, which is equally unhelpful. It’s as if people just skipped over the whole short story and read “Gess hoo gae? Das rite, soljer gae.”


The internet is upset? oh noez! image

people should realize that videogame characters are not real people…


So I got a little inspired and made this. its just a neat wallpaper.
and without ana


I got to Master whit only playing Wrecking Ball i never got to Master whit any other Hero :slight_smile:
Hammond will always be my Main he is so fun even when i get reported alot because ppl think he is bad
I already have like 223 Hrs whit him ^^

ANd yeah i hate how the OW Forum is overreacting just because there isnt anything bad if some1 is gay or not and also its just a Videogame The characters arent real -.- IF Hammond would be revealed that he is Gay and loves Genji ( my most hated Hero ) i wouldnt care and would still love him because of his Design and Gameplay. I already have heard that some Players are guitting the game just because that Soldier is Gay


Found some good threads though:


I dont know if some1 has saw this but there is a hidden Head on Temple of Anubis since the Ana Challenge Update


Yeah, a similar argument can be made for the people that say “sexuality should be left out of video games altogether” but have no issue with Widow and her Husband, or Ana or Torb.

These are weird times to be on the OW forums.


Those are rather alluded to, not talked about in a straightforward manner.

That’s the reason I had no problem with Tracer being gay.

But comparing Soldier to any hetero character shows that heterosexuality isn’t enforced in the game. It’s alluded to because Torb and Ana have families, and have had offspring. But even then, there’s no strong ties with Ana and her hubby, so it’s not 100% confirmed that her feelings haven’t strayed. With Torb, it just makes sense that he didn’t leave his wife if he has like 13 children.

Even the relationship between Ashe and McCree in his short is unclear for if they had feelings for one another.

So yes, heterosexuality does exist in OW, but it’s not thrust into the spotlight like Soldier and the short story.

I have 0 problem with people being Gay, Trans, etc, because I base my judgement off people’s actions, and thus I don’t alienate Soldier since him being the leader of OW because he “cut ties” with Vincent to lead OW. Tough moral decision, and I respect that.

The biggest problem for me, however, is the fact that the release of this story seems awfully sketchy.

  • it was released during an esports controversy
  • the format is completely new, as it’s a short story when all we’ve ever gotten was comics, shorts, and little tales like how Dva is no longer an esports player for starcraft.
    • It is worth noting that it could be a 2019 resolution for lore to be released more frequently and that this is a format that accelerates that process, since cinematics take time to film, act, etc, and comics take time to draw.
  • After basically 2 years of little-to-no lore, it’s kinda hard to accept this current story since it’s shoddy in of itself (why does Ana care about Cairo when she’s blatantly ignored making contact with her daughter, or at least not made it enough of a priority).
  • Necropolis was released during the first anniversary event, so why is this story coming out almost 2 years after it’s release?

So it’s not lazy hero/character development, it’s just poorly timed and way too late, all of which makes it seem like it’s bad in most people’s eyes.

Anyways, back to lurking and being non-political.


Released during a controversy? So are you saying that the short story was wrote incredibly fast?

format doesn’t bother me, in fact when I first saw it I thought it was highlighted fan works.

(comics take time to draw, and a story takes time to write)

So you don’t care about the fake sexualities, just the “possible” conclusions as why this was released?

ps. I don’t see why a characters sexuality means anything at all. People Flipped their collective butts with Tracer which I couldn’t understand either. The person in the cell phone capture seemed the most correct when this is just homophobia at its core. its guised in other arguments but that’s the main gist of the public. (this doesn’t mean you personally)

(I wonder how people will react when Tracer gets that sex change lol)

just curious, your convo kinda popped outta nowhere and just trying to make sense of it.


I forgot to mention that I’m sad because I forgot to get Genji’s emote on the last night of the event . _ .



Oof. I just got suspended from the Overwatch forums for making a joke about writing Genji x Junkrat fanfictions.


You can only stay on those forums if your an arse apparently.


I usually get by with just making jokes (like in this instance) and normally that goes smoothly.


Read up on the Ellie scandal. Basically an esports player which was just a boosted account but bypassed the vetting process because it was a “she”.

Plus, it just came to my attention that they’ve also had some higher-ups leave, which only back the theory that it was a cover story.

Not at all, but after a year of barely any lore, we get lore in a new format that brings a whole new set of values to the table: Soldier’s sexuality.

Me neither.

And I get that, which is why I stated:

I’m indifferent up until someone bases their morals off of their sexuality. I.e, I’m gay and thus I can’t do bad stuff. I wholeheartedly respect Soldier, him being gay, and that he gave up his partner/love interest for OW and mankind. I base my values for people off their actions. As long as I don’t have a reason to hate you, I don’t. I apply this same law to everyone, as I always believed in treating others the way you want to be treated.

However there is a lingering thought in my head that the timing was too coincidental. The timing is what doesn’t make sense.

In a way, yeah.


Like I said, I’m indifferent. It should flesh out a character, not be their cover story. I think there is enough of a cover story that Soldier doesn’t feel token.

Culture shock. IIRC nothing like that has been done in a game before. Not that everyone are bigots, hateful, etc, but rather it was a “whao” kind of moment. Everyone I meet doesn’t have a problem with her, at least lore/sexuality-wise, and with Soldier there are like 2 who I know have a problem with him, but that’s more or less coming from them seeing him as something different than what his comic portrayed.

For the most part, it’s not that I don’t care, it’s that “you do you, boo.” Live your life the way you want to, and as long as it’s within reason and the legal system is reasonable, then there should be no problem.

Well, I mean, there is a good way and bad way of introducing that stuff. Not everyone who disagrees with Soldier is somehow automatically a homophobe.

Compare Solider to any heterosexual person in OW, and they don’t blatantly talk about it.

We know that Ana had Pharah, and that Torb had Brig, but that stuff isn’t as direct as Tracer kissing a girl or Soldier talking about his lovelife.

You mean Moira? And meh, once again “you do you, boo.”

Na it’s fine. No hard feelings.

My main account was banned due to Mercy mains false flagging me. Legit, all I did was be the first post in “what hero do you think requires the least amount of skill” type of thread.

I even said that Mercy does require skill, but that none of her skills are unique to her, like Positioning, game sense, spacial awareness, target prioritization, ult tracking, etc.

Then BAM, banned. Now I post on my “smurf” BastionBabe. I’ve even seen Sidewaysgts on the forums too.

And actually, recently I got Trust level 3 on the OW forums so now I can post pics, which is funny because literally a way before I called the balance team incompetent due to the reaper changes.


I like your kind of replies ^.^


Been there. I’ve sworn off talking about Mercy or Brig balance. I make jokes and minor trolls in really stupid threads

Yeah, this is exactly the way I feel. I didn’t get perma banned over it though.



New Reaper skin is SICK.



I’m so happy about it… I hope Genji also gets a skin ; w ;
Even if he already has a new year skin :’>