Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Oh you mean like the 4 next to my name… It means the people I play with really really like playing with me. Its awarded by other players at the end of the match.

5 is the maximum and is supposedly really hard to get… In all my playing, I have only seen 2 level 5’s

p.s. were you playing Overwatch when Comp was no limits? that was a fun crazy time… now the mode is just annoying when a new hero is released. .


What is the point of it though? Does it give you any rewards in game like skins?

Nope. Haven’t played overwatch in several months now. Destiny 2 is my full time job now lol.


Ok, I admit… I like Destiny 2, even if I am mostly playing just comp… But I figure I will get back into it.

Plus, the story mode is kinda hard to navigate around. In Destiny one it was pretty cut and clear, and now everything seems like a clusterduck of information on the screen… So right now it is hard for me to tell what the actual story quest are… (which is why I am playing pvp atm)


What do you have trouble with? I can help (though we should go to the actual D2 thread).

How good are you? I’m not asking this because I am try to be a sweaty, I’m asking because there is a PvP weapon quest that will give you a really good gun. If you are good enough and you have beaten the campaign, you can pick up the quest and start it.


well, to give you an idea, on Destiny 1 I would take all quest at hardest diff. by myself and if it was a team needed venture and they others dropped out I would continue. I beat the game that way. I am really good at finding the best strategies to use against all my enemies.

question is though, where or what do the campaign missions look like. So far the only thing I can guess is that I travel to earth and run around. But there isn’t really a clear path to take atm.

(keep in mind, I suffered brain damage 5 months ago from an accident so information and things look really odd to me now)


Wow I can’t imagine what that would’ve been like. I hope you’re doing fine now.

First, you’ll want to access the world map. On the map, you’ll see a bunch of small icons. Look for an icon that is red. Ignore orange icons with tiny swords, as those are pretty worthless unless you’re a completionist. Click on the red icon, and exit out of the map. Follow the compass (top left corner of screen) until you see a red marker on the open world. When you get really close, you’ll see some text that says “Red War: blah blah blah…”. Then you can start the mission.


Actually I am still pretty early in the recovery process. I had to go out and uber this weekend to make a car payment and I was struck with anxiety on friday and havent gone out. ( i never had anxiety before the crash ) and an ever constant headache that never goes away… I even have to rebuild my brain pathways and relearn how to access my memory correctly. it sucks. But thanks for your concern!

On Destiny, thanks for the icon descriptions… I have seen them and I used to be a completionist… so I like to dive in those quest. But now my play style is evolving to my new brain processes.

(I think my 800 point slide in overwatch SR was actually the result of the accident. I was going up and up in rank, then after the accident I just cant do it the same. I have to rely on my team now lol)


6 man Rein best comp


missing a bastion there no? :’>


Swap two reins, one for Bastion and one for Lucio. Perch on top of payload, form a circle with Bastion and Lucio in the middle, and wait for someone to dump a bunch of damage into the hoop gg


Played one game of comp in season 1. Lost to 6 Torbs. Didn’t touch it again until season 2.


You know every time I think back to the no limits comp of season 1 thats the very comp I think about. Having all torbs… lol

ahhh memberries


Just wiped an entire team with Ashe. First Rein, then tossed bomb into choke and lit 4 on fire, 3 fell to fire ran down igi then went to point to blow up hanzo.



I love this skin… Almost enough to learn Mercy.


Hold M1.

Thank me later.


I prefer to toggle… ^.^


Perfect placement!


Overwatch forums are very unhappy about the short story…


Let me guess, something something Soldier 76? Or because Ana gets another amazing legendary skin? :stuck_out_tongue: