Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


I’m a B.O.B main.


Ashe is literally just a damage Ana.

Finally, I can branch into the DPS role.


Her character model reminds me of a character from Paladins called Lian.





Told ya new hero Ult would be AoD… ^.^ I thought they ended giving it to bjorn, but she still has it… B.o.B. and her maltov

Oh but I was wrong about one thing… I was hoping for mama hong. But Ashe is so much more fire.

Plus, her bullets are the same shade as her lipstick. That’s a really nice touch.


So back in June I was in a car accident. I was rank 2250 or something in Overwatch. Then the brain injury happened and its been a decline ever since. I just finished placements and i landed at 1635 lol.

But I just cant play like I did before… So I need to think of a new strategy.


Wait, you mean to say Ana isn’t pure damage? :stuck_out_tongue:



With Ana, I tend to hit a phat nade and then jump off the map and watch as my team dismantles the enemy team. :man_shrugging:


I don’t know… She seems pretty UP to me


B.O.B! Do something!


After I’m done grinding for LoL stuff, I’ll be playing overwatch a lot. Been wanting to play it and after seeing Ashe, I got even more excited >.<

… I wonder if I’ll end up ditching genji for her at some point o.o


Just know that Ashe was born from the cinematic love by the devs, so she is very solid.

still down.


If I had to imagine a new hero, I would imagine myself a sort of arch nemesis for Doomfist, a hero who is a villain except that he is an ennemy to both Overwatch and Talon.

A lone and sinister man who had been one of Moira’s failed experiments and who escaped Talon after Overwatch’s disband, willing to get his revenge against those who haunt his past such as Moira.
Physically, since he is a “failed” experiment, he would have an ugly mutation on his left arm (like Kala) which thorn his coat appart and allow him to match Doomfist’s strength.

No, I’m not gonna invent a kit for him, you decide for it.


Wow, new avatar even. Someone really is a fan of Ashe.


I love her design aesthetic and personality. I have not even played her too much yet though. Most people are playing no limits and I hate that mode myself.


what do you mean no limits is the best mode

flashes back to time when team was stacked with roadhogs


Look what mystery hero delved up.


What are those little numbers on the top right corner of the hero icon?