Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Yes, we now have Corgasms in Overwatch now. -.-


So…how is this game now? I haven’t played in months.


Still amazing.


Is it really tho? I hear stuff about how the playerbase got even more salty.


It’s pretty meh. Balance is all over the place and Blizzard’s general solution is to completely gut a character and remake them from scratch instead of just changing them.

If you want to play competitively, then I’d give it a miss, honestly, but if you want to just have fun, it does the job fine.

Also, Halloween event for this year just launched. As in, a few hours ago.


Is it any fun? Or is it still junkenstein. That crap got old very quickly.


Still Junkenstein. Only difference is that they added Brig and Tracer to the mode.
The skins are great though.



Now that kind of piques my interest.



I love trying out rollouts with Doomfist. Easily the most fun hero for me to play also because of his interactions with the maps. <3


After playing 130 hrs Wrecking Ball Only i finally hit Diamond and i also got my Gold Gun for him today :slight_smile:

The only thing i still need for him is his new Skin but it isnt a must have for me because i didnt like it so much ( Hammond looks ugly on this Skin i cant see my cute Hamster :frowning: )


Not bad, not bad at all.
Also, I came across a guy who kept calling me a “noob” and a kid because I kept killing him and he was taking me as a primary target while saying “owned” when he manages to get an assist against me. Overall, I won the games.
sigh The Overwatch community has not changed…

Edit: I got a notification yesterday while launching Overwatch, saying that one of the players I had reported have got a sanction. I guess it must be from that same guy I met and if so, good to hear.


This game is… well its just more of a fill my time now i like it and all but the comp servers kept putting me with leavers and it trashed my rank from 2200 to 1800 and now im back in silver thrower hell.


Started a game… I said… Everyone… lets just stay near the payload and harrass our way to the end. .( i was mei)

We just walked right through… then after congrats… i thought about how just a little bit advice took us through and then i said to myself.


Slaps forehead.


This is my 2nd time playing OW on Halloween and I finally get the mascot of the event!


I still want that Zen Cultist skin ;-; And the Sym dragon skin, but I never play Sym so I don’t really need it even though it looks so cool


I have both of them.


Maybe my best highlight ever as Wrecking Ball :slight_smile:

just look at my Emote and the Tracer Kill it was just perfect i hv laught so hard xD

I love Hammond so much i already have 148 Hrs on him ^^