Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


With widowmaker. 


Oh…well I don’t pay attention to widow at all, so I wouldn’t know about that.

Maybe they changed and I just never noticed.


This was way back like 2016 or something


I had the game since 2016.

I probably just never noticed. I don’t read the patch notes of games too much. I just hear from other people.


Remember when she could one-shot Zen too. That was a yikes


Yeah that was bad but he’s got 200 health now


I really like these cinematics >.<
Still want more genji OwO”


just to show everyone that im trapped 1 hour in the past… lol


Short is good. But I can’t say I love it when completely undeveloped characters get 0 character development in an animated short film about them.

PS: Poor Dae-hyun with that friendzone


I just called out a cheater in Overwatch… in mid round… i mention to enemy Hanzo… “hanzo, your aim is snappy you may want to turn down your sensitivity” Hanzo and his group partner Widowmaker left the match immediately afterwards.



Awwww he is so cute im so in love whit this adorable Hero :heart_eyes::hamster::heart:

im so happy Blizzard has make him i hv finally fun in OW again because of this little :hamster:
i also have already 67 hrs whit him :slight_smile: because i only playing him lol


I don’t know if I posted this before, but this is a new destiny 2 mini achievement you can get:


Hmm… :thinking:

Jeez, where did I see that before? I wonder…


Alright gals, I’m back on it because I have a new setup. I can have every graphics settings at max with 150% of render scale without lags.
But it’s been long since I haven’t played Overwatch, so I suck now.


Do you mean guys and gals lol? I think that is how the phrase goes.


I’m not 100% perfect with the english language, so yeah…




The fact that you’re still wearing torbjorn’s Santa skin shows how long it has been since you played.


That’s true, but when was the last time I played? I think it was since last year.


Mah boy Torbjörn is having a whole rework on the PTR! Here comes Torbjörn 2.0!