Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Event is a complete let down. Just happy about that Mercy nerf. Ana buff is nice too.


Summer games?




Yup. Just another year of lucio ball because we all love that.

Didn’t Blizzard say they wouldn’t do the same events like these all the time? Why not like a future/steampunk event? We don’t need all these holiday themed events.


I didn’t see anything about that, But Summer Games was always my least favourite event. 1 Arcade mode 3 years in a row (That I didn’t even like the first time) and some of my least favourite event skins in the game. I’m just biding my time until Halloween and then Archives.


Yeah the skins are pretty bad…


Haha they have a what’s new tab in the menu screen for summer games


Lucio Ball is actually the worst seasonal gamemode. Wish they would have come up with something different this time.


Very bad and dispoiintment Event

I only have buy the Wrecking Ball Stuff and then i was back on Monster Hunter
The new Items are kinda bad too i only the Reinhardt,Winston, D.Va Skin and the Orisa Highlight Intro

Where is my Beachball Hammond Skin Blizzard ? :frowning:

Also the amazing Lucio Emote is now avaible for 300 Leaque Tokens ( 15 $ ) best Emote ever in the Game but im not going to buy it because i didnt play Lucio and i Blizzard will never get my Money anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, since Tracer was a track athlete, they should make a big tracer racing game mode where your have to spam blink as fast as you can to beat other people.


Shit, the new Rein and Winston skins look awesome as all fuck and of course my rotten luck gives me stuff for heroes I’m not interested in playing… Ugh.


Yes they did, the excuse here is new stadium… which is only a new backdrop. 8P


Why didnt blizzard do a simple BOWLING game or… at least give the wrecking ball a beach ball paint job and put the hamster in some ugly swimsuit trunks and your done.


stick with it… payoff


Eh no headshot kills I don’t like it.

(Still a hundred times better than me).


Heh. yeah, i never claimed to aim. ^.^


Salty, squeeky Genji. What an awful experience that must have been.


lol, you can see me stop in my babbling when they talk…


I miss being able to one shot to the body for tracers… wish they’d revert that change


With hog? They are never gonna change that…