Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


They still have to correct the two most annoying ones for me. 1) 1/2 times out of 10 people would slide across the wall instead of splatting on it denying a Rocket Punch kill and 2) sometimes the tiniest of obstacles would “shield” enemies from a Slam.

If they fix those two, Doomfist can easily become even more of a force to be reckoned with.


Well that was awkward. Went in LFG and joined a group thinking it was QP but it was actually ranked. And I had my first comp game that way, playing a hero I’m still learning (Zarya), and with no chance to switch to DPS cause I was locked into tank.
People were mostly Gold, with only one Plat, one Silver, and me, the unranked idiot. LOL

But, although we lost, it was a very close game and I actually did a lot better than I expected. I managed to keep high energy the whole game, I fragged enough to get silver elim, my gravs were pretty on point, I was on fire most of the time and comms were decent, I actually managed to keep track of enemy ults and call out weak targets.

Watching pros play on YouTube actually helps, who would have thunk.


I love Zarya this season… somehow she just took over my season from all my other roles… Even on PTR with her “nerf/buff” (shorter range ult / longer lasting charge time) she is still a force to be reckoned with if you can find a good alternate tank to rotate with on the front line and get that charge up.

Once you and the other tank get into a yo yo effect the other team gets seriously worried about zarya…


So after playing Wrecking Ball for like 24hrs i really must say im 100% sure i found my new Main damn he is fun and adorable
ppl say he feels a bit UP but in the right hands he can be very good for a Tank whit a giant hitbox he can survice alot because of his Shields and mobility i get alot 15-20 kill steaks whit him

His Gamestyle also feels a bit like Winston smash behind the enemy team, activate shield to avoid some damage, kill a Zenyatta/ support or make some chaos and then swing back to ur Team

Best Hero ever added :slight_smile: cant wait to try him out n comp


Lol didn’t you delete then game already?


like i said on my other post :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I did my first placements today. I had an unfortunate crash during one of the matches but I was surprised by how well I did on Doomfist, Rein and Zarya. I was really expecting to suck in a competitive environment but I guess that’s what happens when you have a team that communicates.

I placed myself Plat, with 2500+ SR, which I have no idea if it’s good or bad for a first timer, but after that crash I was expecting worse.


that is exactly how I like to play him, smash n grab with a hasty retreat.

(so far though, many healers and other team members ignore your health though for some reason)

@Foxtrot94 (thats a pretty good landing point) Although I helped carry a person through 9 wins on thier placements and they ended up in bronze and then raged quit LOL)

many people say if I got a new account and did my placements I would end up pretty high in the ranks, but I will not spend any more money on this game, So i just grind out the account I have (plagued by toxic players, rage quitters and the infamous Overwatch Slide where the game decides that you didnt need 500 sr.)


Well, as far as I researched, the system doesn’t care about win or loss as much as your personal performance. So if you carried them and they did nothing, of course they get placed low, despite the wins.


Yup. Bronze to Plat works like this. Diamond and higher is purely based on match outcome.


So if I was playing at god tier levels in all my placements, but I lost all of them, would I be in diamond or something?


Well, it depends. The game isn’t going to put you vs golds and then place you in Diamond for playing well, since playing well vs gold doesn’t mean you can win in Diamond. But if you played super well in placements, you might start noticing that you start playing vs higher level enemies. If you were to keep playing really well despite the enemies getting better, you may well get placed in Diamond.

It basically compares you to everyone else that plays the hero that you did at that MMR.

On PC, in my first OW season I only won 4 placements and got High plat.


Yeah this is my take on creating Overwatch Wallpaper


I had 13k in healing, gold kills at 26, gold obj kills, gold obj time, basically the only gold I didnt have was damage.

a scrub on the team took my moria in the final round.

we lost.


The worst think is when u have a 5 DPS Team but u have gold in elimination and damage as Wrecking Ball xD
or u playing a dps Healer like Zenyatta, Brig, Moira and has make more damage than ur DPS in the Team


Doesnt it make you SYH when playing as the support/defense classes and you are out performing the DPS… its like… wow… just… why cant the DPS work together to get kills?


Teamwork is not a concept that most DPS mains can understand.


Hehe I remember one of my comp matches. A teammate had picked Lucio and we had a pretty good comp already. Then at the last second of prep, he switched to Sombra, I don’t know if it was to troll or whatever. So I switched to Lucio, but at that point, my team was ahead of me.

We actually won that game, mainly cuz of my soundbarrier at the last overtime of the game.


I found out why I wasn’t receiving your friend request. I had to log in the NA server to accept it. Bad news is, I get near 200 ping. :sweat_smile:


Oh well I an always jump over there… my internet is usually managable when i cross of to eu servers.