Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


She does not. Brigitte is not good at peeling for Ana and can’t really prevent her from being dived. Brigitte “counters dive” because she heals the team and is difficult to dive herself.

Honestly, I think it’s really stupid that Mercy is allowed to have the most reliable healing and damage boost, and rez, but ah, well.

Because she has next to no self-sustain, maybe? 100hp heal from the nade, but then you get very little value out of it. And Zen has passive shield regen.

Yeah, but Ana can’t 2 shot her Attacker now, can she?

Also discord and Trans are so useful that they make him worth babysitting, whereas Ana gets hard countered by all of the barriers anyway.

Not to mention that Ana is a main healer, so if she’s being focused there is only usually a poor healer to help her, but if Zen is being focused, there is a Mercy, Moira or Ana there who can out heal a lot of attacks - or at the very least give Zen time to kill the Attacker.

And, as a last resort, Zen has Trans. Not ideal to use it just on yourself, granted, but it’s often better than dying with it and getting your team wiped.

Comparing Zen’s ability to survive to Ana’s is just silly.



Haha OMG funniest Hero Trailer ever this Music is just perfect xDD


My problem with current healer kit changes.

Mercy Down 600 heal a minute. While Lucio not only gets 600 shields, it’s actuallly 3600 total overall. That’s way too much. Lucio needed a tweak but the one given is too much.

Ana. I love my Nana I just don’t know what the can do with her though.

igi , her shield bash is her number one issue. It’s too highly useful and it allows her to take on entire teams solo. And that’s just wrong. They should remove the stun or drastically reduce its impact.

Moria is in a good place

RES ON MERCY. as nifty as it is. It will most like be changed to ult only res which it needs to be.


Finally. Bae is available to play.

bae = hammond


i really think i found my new Main whit Wrecking Ball damn he is adorable and extreme fun


Welp that’s a shame

Seriously though, I need to keep a tally for how many times you delete and reinstall this game.


Didnt i hv delete my post ? O.O but yeah i think i will take a break for some days and then maybe i will reinstall it because Hammond makes alot fun but sadly he didnt make fun when u have a bad Team or 5 DPS Team and instant lose like 15 Times in a row and i hate to lose against a Tracer she is so extrem annoying -.-

OW is really the first Game i hv unistall so many times before OW i never has uninstall a Game just because of Rage xD


you are allowed ^.^

Hammy … oh hammy… Love that lil monster… I have been able to maximize my grapple grabs for lengths on that rope I didnt even know existed. (it almost seems if you aim at a certain angled range you can get extra if not double the typical length. its a-Mei-zing…

Serioulsly he is great, but so far I need to find teams who can think around a disruption tank character.


I haven’t seen Hammond yet, but from what im hearing, I cant imagine a no limits with all hammonds.


Did it get nerfed? Originally it was + 750 shields.

Even then, I think 750 Shields is good. He’s meant to be able to counter burst damage, but be much weaker vs sustained damage. However, Lucio’s ult was only really good in fights with few ults because most ult combos cut through it anyway (any DPS + dmg boost/nano, Gravstrike etc)

Ana buff is a good start. More please. Love this character and absolutely hate always being asked to play Mercy since, for me, she’s the most boring and least engaging support.

Brigitte is the roleless character in the game. Really good self sustain, OK damage with a good damage combo, heals and defensive ult? Yikes. But yes, I agree that Bash is the biggest problem. I was thinking they could either turn it into a knockback as this would still punish/deter flankers but they couldn’t use it to counter Rein shields to set up shatters etc. Or bashing could do like 300hp of damage to the shield, so she had to think before bashing.

Moira is in a good place and that buff isn’t really going to change anything.

Blizzard can’t nerf rez without personally attacking thousands of die-hard Mercy one-tricks. So, we’ll see how they manage this.


Yeah, it is 750 and that is WAY overkill.
750*6=4500 basic life gains (shields) for his team… That’s an insane amount. His Ult has been turned into a survive everything ult (better than res) and really needs to be scaled back.

Mercy… ohhhh Mercy.


But look at all the stuff Trans can counter. Trans can actually counter more damage than Sound Barrier can. Sound Barrier mitigates upto 750 damage per target. Trans does 300hp/s and lasts 6 seconds. That’s up to 1800 damage per target that he nullifies. Also, don’t forget that the shields decay. After 1 second, Lucio is down to 625 shields (assuming they take no damage). This is no longer enough to survive Dva’s ult. After 2 seconds, it’s down to 500, so it no longer fully blocks rip-tire.

Lucio’s ult is meant to counter high burst damage. Rip-Tire, Pulse Bomb, Self-Destruct, Config:Tank, Meteor Strike. However, most of these either just out damaged SoundBarrier, or could be held until the Barrier ran out (or at least ran low enough to kill the target). Things like Nano-Visor/Blade or DragonStrike can easily still cut through Sound Barrier (SB will reduce the amount of kills Visor/Blade will get though). However, Trans completely nullifies those.


As a Doomfist main, I’m so happy to see Dannedd on rank 1 playing mono Doomfist. Let’s go Dannedd. Get fisted, people. Hehehe.


doomfist finally feels good again… only took about a year of neglect


Friendly bet? I bet Lucio will have his Ult nerfed within a year.


A year is a very long time in terms of balance. Almost nothing remains untouched for that length of time. And something being nerfed/buffed doesn’t necessarily mean that that particular thing was too strong or too weak.

For example, Mercy’s Cad Staff is being nerfed. She didn’t do too much healing, she’s being nerfed because other Main healers do much less than her, so it brings her down to their level (as buffing other healing up to her would only perpetuate the Sniper meta)

I think Sound Barrier needs to stay where it is if Lucio is to have any chance at being picked over Zen.



Well I can’t comment on that since I’m relatively new to the game but even so, I remember that when I picked him when I was just starting out a month ago or so, even if it was QP, everyone would jump at my throat saying I was throwing, he was a troll pick etc etc. Now, all of a sudden, I see Doomfist everywhere, a couple of times people ASKED me to play him, and overall I feel more motivated to learn him. I don’t know if it’s because of Dannedd getting rank 1 with him but looks like it is.

Talk to the fist, bad mouthers. :smiling_imp:


it is actually about the meta changes for me… Doomfist shuts down a lot of the heroes including punching a hamster, (oh and a long list of bugs they have continued to correct with doomfist)