Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Can assure you that Hammond is a lot of fun. Worry not


HIGH FULCRUM POINTS! and have a freaking blast… Any game with any grapple has been fun… Well this Grapple is a fking blast!


yeah i hv heard he is extreme fun but the problem is im not so good at hitscan and mobility Heroes ( maybe except Winston but he has a aimbot ) :slight_smile:

i cant even play Soldier 76 xD


But…there’s already a grapple hook in this game.


A constrained hook yes… Imagine being on the end of a yo yo string and just swinging everywhere and anywhere, over buildings ect. Think spiderman movement every 4 secs.


TBH Widow’s grapple is more of a jump than anything else. Wrecking Ball’s has far more flexibility.


have you attached yourself to the payload and just let it pull you yet?


Haven’t had much time to play the ptr, but that sound hilarious :smiley_cat:


its funny, but check out that highlight clip above where I posted ROLLIN Rollin Rollin… it was great.

@TinyPickles318 u2.


Mercy nerfs nooooooo. Especially when it’s as beefy as it is.

Ana buff is nice. Brigitte nerf is small which is good imo. Lucio buff is fine, but I wish they would make his mobility a little less. He’s such an annoying harasser with insane sustain


But look at what the recent changes dictate… Overwatch is suffering from the DBZ issues of power levels… They just keep going up and up and up… a lil nerf here a lil buff there… but in the end it is showing us that way more damage is inbound from this year of updates and that the healers buff is a counter measure.

Soooo, when do we get our first planet killer attacks?


I’d call it rebalanced more than a buff. Arguably the most consistent healer (Mercy) got nerfed, and most others got a buff due to either lower win rates or lower pick rates.


Mercy nerf will be next to unnoticeable in game. It just decreases the reason you always picked her over other healers, so Ana and Moira might get played more.

And Lucio doesn’t need any nerf at all imo. He’s a low tier Support and his self sustain is only 12hp/s. The buff is a good step in the right direction, but he may need more.

Ana definitely needs more, because Rez will still outshine her. But I’ll take what I can get



So far I have been pretty darn accurate at guessing where the game goes with new heroes. Today I have figured out that the next hero will most likely employ a Visual denial technique. Most likely this will be an ULT and carry with it a poison like status effect for a few seconds.


The shields he provides is way overdone in my opinion though.


I think it’s much needed imo. It wasn’t really doing it’s job of protecting vs burst damage.


Hardly. Its like 20% to both healing and because of that ult charge. Means you can’t nullify Winston damage tho which I’m okay with cus nullifying that is kinda bs

He isn’t op, but if he’s getting some small buffs, I’d like to see him be less harrassy but maybe that’s just me. His heal per second base might be low, but don’t forget amp it up, and he can always speed himself away to safety to heal up/grab health pack

True, rez is always going to be a massive ability. But Ana’s ability to block healing (especially in a graviton) is super strong


Yeah, and she’s still going to out heal every other healer by a decent margin.

All this does is decrease the huge gap between her healing and others’.

Lucio and Ana are the lowest tier supports right now, based on their win and pickrates.

Lucio may be annoying, but that’s by design, and if he’s hoping around being a pain, then he’s not actually doing much for his team. Likewise, if he uses amp it up just for himself, he’s denying his team a very useful cool down.

And Ana has an amazing kit on paper, but is hard countered by the current meta. And the last one. And the next one. If a Winston puts a bubble over you, or Dva uses Defence Matrix, you can’t defend yourself, you can heal anyone. All you can do is Melee.

Ana 100% needs some survivability buff, Brigitte needs to just be deleted and I don’t see any reason to nerf Lucio, personally. I think he’s fine, he’s just out-shined by others and needs to be brought up to their level and


Lucio can be a pain and still be helping his team cus aura is decently big. As long as he stays close enough. I just find him kinda yuck cus he just heals by being around. I don’t really like his design, and feel his survivability and speed as well as harass levels are nuts.

Ironically, you might want Briggite delete but she solves your dive on Ana problem super well.

Mercy’s healing should be the best because that’s her main thing. And then obviously some damage boosting.

Don’t see why she needs a survivability buff tbh. Zen manages and he doesn’t have a sleep dart and grenade which self heals and damages enemy


I think I just made Muselk rage quit lol… I have the video…]

NUUUUUUUUU I don’t think Plays.tv recorded it… damnit
hopefully it pulls the footage

well let me recap… I start off the match with my kirby <(^.^)> tip (>^.^)> stuff and muselk happens to be on.
1st he was zen, then mcree, then hog, then one more i believe then he rage quit… Each time he crossed my path as doomfist he lost the battle. (actually a good game of DF on my part)