Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Yeah, IIRC the VA’s for Roadhog, Genji, Zenyetta and Lucio are all west-coasters. Likewise, I believe Sombra, Mercy, Pharah and Symettra are mostly east-coasters, so those tend to be the clusters you see the most


yeahh, you’re right. i was wondering why they’'re clustered like so, thanks for pointing out! what a friendly bunch, arent they?! man lucio in person is such a cool guy, even genji, and roadhog, actually all of them haha. how they have such nice personalities in this crazy world. i saw lucio hanging out with sombra sometime. oh i thought mercy is european


Yeah, the VA (Lucy Pohl) is German-American. Which is even more fitting, because Mercy is Swiss :stuck_out_tongue:

And aye, I don’t follow along with many VA teams, but the ones from OW seem really nice, and really embrace the character as well. Like, they are legit happy they voiced that character, even embracing the stigma/meme that surrounds certain characters. (click for a link)



Yes I am a dork.


whose birthday is it ? :open_mouth:


It’s simply a message for anyone it can pertain too who’s feeling lonely ^.^



Why are there so many damn smurfs in this game? They completely ruin the fun for me.



WTF did i just watch ? xDD


Is the Trixiekat here you? XD


yeah lol, I sent that in after an accident and I was suffering from a concussion and it was in fact the worst game I have had in quite some time.