Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Yeah, like I said. I have recorded my games and I go back for review… I can definitely say I had full health on the two examples I provided. (orisa and roadhog)


That’s very confusing… Widow can one shot Orisa if she’s damage nano boosted or dmg boosted by Orisa’s ult, but I think it’s impossible for her to 1 shot Hog, even with Nano boost and if discord on Hog


Man getting nano boosted as widow is my nightmare lol. Like the pressure to perform is nerve wracking


That’s exactly what my friend said when I nano boosted him when he was Widow. And the second time. And also the third time. :joy:


You monster.

It’s also why I hate getting a pocket mercy as widow. The only thing that really changes is being able to body shot tracer.

First time ever being nanoboosted was on Rein and I didn’t even realize I was boosted until the last second or two. Ana was like WTF and I explained it was my first time getting shot full of illegal stims and didn’t realize what was going on.


I have not touched overwatch since that last game several months ago when I was headshot four times in a row by a Hanzo hacker. Imma try to find that post where I said that.


If I don’t play comp for a long while, say 3-4 seasons, and I decide to play this season, or next season depending on how close this season is going to finish, will it not take into account that I was silver all the previous seasons?


It will. And this season literally just started like 2-3 days ago.


That’s why I said beware of possible widow hacks.




look at this cosplay 0.o


Everything is good but the person’s face. Looks nothin like mercy too ugly.


Ouch, See I think as a real life person trying to carry that plastique look, shes pretty damn solid.


Ya know that face would be great for tracer. In fact, she looks like a clone of tracer.


guys, do you like rapida videos? i find it really funny, and the ending is always so awesome


I like a few of them… but this burned me out right before the 4 minute mark… but still fun to watch


oh i see, you must be someone very familiar with all overwatch videos. i dont really subscribe to much but i still find Rapida making the best collection videos, cuz of her editing and funny voiceovers.


nah I just get a lot OW vids across my rec videos ^.^ it was only just recently did I see this youtuber… her numbering system caught my eye. (were talking within the last few days) no worries.


oh, she’s a girl actually. she did a face reveal here, at the end.

and she’s really well versed with modern - pop culture, her voice-overs sound effects are really on point, very hilarious hah. if you can, take a look at her “wood rank” series, it shows really bad, silly and hilarious gameplays from newbies.


I don’t know if this was posted before, so nice to see the real roadhog and genji getting along so well, great cast.