Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


So, from my short experience:

Probably the highest skill tank in the game.
Can do very high dmg under the right conditions.
500hp + 100 armour + upto 700 shields.
Very high mobility as he can very quickly jump over obstacles are throw himself round corners.
Very good area denial with ult, but it doesn’t charge very fast.
More boops.

He’s kinda like a Dva-Hog in terms of playstyle. Very aggro and divey like Dva. “Tanks” by being very personally tanky himself and punishes poorly positioned enemies mercilessly like Hog.


( D,Va Mains will hate that Victory Pose xD )

( Miley Cyrus is this you ? O.O )


I like him, but on my first go with him I was met with instant toxicity and it made me sad and i just cant play the game right now.


wow. i just logged in and I was greeted with this


Every game I play I love him a little more. It’s so funny watching people play him for the first time not knowing how to use the grapple properly. Haven’t had this much fun on Overwatch in ages


I proceeded to destroy them in comp… such a simple instant report mute and block.


Why do you meet so many toxic people? I’ve never met anyone that bad


I don’t know, its been really bad this update. (this happened at the same time btw… I was typing out my quip when he sent that. It is like the community has bipolar disorder with me.

. But something great just happened which was WONDERFUL.

I saw my Daughter playing and she had a small group going. I decided to spectate the game.

I shot called the game for them as they played and they destroyed the other team mult times. (were talking bronze and silver) and I had such a great time just calling out their combos, and what not…

it was really fun and they all listened the entire time.

It was beautiful to watch.

I am trying to say, it connected us in a real interesting way.


haha! that’s superb!!


The Youtube channels of the VA’s of Sombra and Symmetra respectively. They’ve done an amazing job shining the spotlight on all the VA’s, even the more ‘reclusive’ ones (like Orisa, Reaper, Junkrat and Hanzo).


The Hanzo Storm Arrow Nerf is the best about the PTR Update he makes Winstron really bad now
Before The Rework Winston was a hard counter against Hanzo now he Hard counters him

And i also dont understand why a Sniper can be so good at every range


True, they also admitted which is a plus.

Also true.

Not true. Orisa works in a lot of situations and does Rein’s job better on top of cc immunity and not being wrecked by brigitte and doomfist and can still have her shield up the whole time.

Mostly true.

Low skill yes but she doesn’t have that much damage. If she uses her damage orb against you that means a lot of healing not going towards the team and is a waste of resources. Plus other dps have ways of doing burst which she won’t heal. She just has ways of defending herself and she’s not op because of it.

Fuck brigitte.


I woke up today with three thank you letters from the ban team of ow… at least they pay attention


On paper, this is true. But a Tank’s job is to peel and create space for their team. In this regard she is worse than Rein in most situations. Her personal CC and survivability doesn’t help the team. Yes, it means she can survive longer/be CCed less which means she’s able to help the team for longer, but the lack of burst damage and lack of flexibility with the shield makes it very difficult to do her job. Reins higher burst hammer (with its knock), move able shield and instant shutdown potential just makes him more versatile.

I mean, Orisa just fares worse against dive and against a Rein comp than Rein does. Also, because her sheild is a set and forget, she’s not very useful on attack unless doing Pirate Ship - which is a situation in which picking Rein over Orisa is just madness.

There are a couple of situations where its a coin toss between Rein and Orisa like KoH maps with a pit near the point. There are some situations where Orisa just outright wins, like with Pirate ship. But if you’re attacking Rein just wins except if doing Pirate ship, and Rein is usually better on most defense maps.

That said, the buff to her Ult charge rate helps her a lot on attack, but she can’t do much until she gets it charged.

This is true and it’s very important for a Moira to keep in mind, but she can still output a lot of heals if she manages her resource meter well and doesn’t just hold left click.

And unless a Soldier gets a direct hit with the helix rocket and follows up with headshots, or Genji headshot animation cancels into Swift Strike, or she gets only clipped by Tracer or 1 shot by Reaper, she can either escape, or sometimes still win the fight. Also, Fade can be used to dodge some of these, or to position behind them. If she needs to she can use the heal instead of the dmg orb for a greater HP swing. Yes, it is possible for DPS Heroes to kill her. Higher level ones can do it reliably, but the DPS has to be skillful and the Moira doesn’t


Very true, and if the Orisa player is on top of game she can work in many situations with Moria against and with her. That defense energy she has basically negates Moria, So Orisa would just need to time her shields rotating with her energy thing (halt?) mixed with the orbs and she can control many situations.

(basically, become a very important tank member of the team and everything should balance out)


The PTR update shouldn’t really affect Hanzo v Winston because Winston didn’t get changed and Hanzo just had a duration/cooldown nerf. Hanzo is still overly strong vs Winston imo.

I have an big issue with Storm Arrow because it’s reliable and not overly skillful imo. Use it to kill a low health target by spraying in the right direction, or destroy a shield like a Winston shield. He needs a nerf to storm arrow but cooldown/duration doesn’t seem the right answer to me. I’d be more for a slower fire rate or something.


Ehh. For sure in terms of weapon/ability usage but there’s still room for a skillful Moira to really pursue advantage with careful positioning, managing targets and being aware of whether your team needs a healer, or if you can damage orb burst someone like Zen on the side/at the back.


But what’s up with Widow making 1 hit kills on Orisa and other tanks like Roadhog? (it can take me at least two headshots to take down a thick tank) with No damage taken… our rein dips his shield, the fire cracks and I topple over… (rem I am always recording to verify) and this has happened with mostly Orisa and Roadhog.


Widow cant 1 shot Orisa or any Tank who has more as 400 hp her Headshot just deals like 300 damage

And the difference is that Widow needs very good aim and she is extreme weak in close Range. Hanzo just need to go into close / mid Range and use his spam Arrows to take any1 down he also can take down a tank easily

I rarely see a Hanzo who plays him like a Sniper most player only try to get behind some1 or at close range and use his Stormarrows aka Spamarrows to kill some1 then they try to hide until they get there Stormarrows back


So then I will say Widow Hacks are going around atm becase i’ve been 1 shot mult times with full health… Be weary.


Not sure why this is a reply to me? But that sounds bugged. Unless the tank isn’t at full health, because Widow shots can’t/should be able to deal that much damage

You sure you didn’t take a chunk of damage from someone else at the same time? Cus aim bots are one thing, but I’m pretty sure changing damage values is impossible, or you’d have tracers running around one shooting with each shot.