Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Oh no, I’m scared :stuck_out_tongue:


Literally the first thing I thought of when I saw it XD


I THINK, Hero 28 wiil adapt across the three class types pending the mode it is in. I brought this up with the devs one time and they we had a little chat why I wanted multiple gauntlet choices for Doomfist… I explained my reasoning they said interesting and that was the end of it.

I think Hero 28 will embody that idea and be able to switch classes.


That’s cool.


Ok im done whit the Game now WTF xD

I love Hamsters and the Mech looks amazing but yeah i think he will be to 100% my 2nd Main when his Gameplay is fun :stuck_out_tongue: i wanted a new unique Hero and here it is

Wow now i have a Robo-Horse and a Hamster in a Mech as Main xDD

And yeah my Hamster was dying this year so this Hero is perfekt for me :slight_smile:


Let’s just hope they finally do this one right. They’ve got a bad history of fucking up new releases.
Ana was broken, and now is almost unusable in most cases.

Sombra was always very situational and they are only now making head way with her bugs.

Orisa is super situational but in 95% of cases she just does Rein’s job. Only much worse.

Doomfist was broken but was more balanced before he made it to live servers. Now he’s in a meh spot where he’s just no good at higher levels unless you’re an incredible Doomfist player, but he’s very easy to pick up and just roll over lower level players. Also, buggy af.

Moira is another low skill floor support that just does too much damage. She’s also very difficult to 1v1 given the lifesteal, healing from her orb and Fade cooldown - making her way too safe.

Not even going to get into Brigitte as we all know how stupid of a character she is.

Let’s hope the new hero is more balanced.


They tried to do this Brigitte and showed how incapable they are of balancing such a thing. As good of a concept as it is, it’s just not feasible for a game like this. As a hero to fill all roles would have to either do them all badly, and so they wouldn’t be picked, or do them all on par with the rest of the class and be broken.

If it did 1 well and the others to a meh level, it would be picked, but it wouldn’t really fulfil the archetype that you refer to.


Cuteness overload


Real Life Hammond the Hamster



Kinda funny seeing the reveal for Hammond, everyone expecting another Gorilla like winston, when BOOM, HAMSTER TIME


The clues all pointed to Hammond being a small creature, but we assumed it was a primate as every other specimen on Horizon that we know of was. We know it was small because:
a) It’s enclosure couldn’t have fit Winston
b) It was reported missing from it’s enclosure and noises were reported in the ventilation system.

One thing that is interesting is that, from what I’ve seen, unless I’ve missed something, the Devs haven’t confirmed that this is Hammond. The clues suggest it might be… but none of the teasers comfirm it. The monkey and the partially visible word “Horizon” on the wall suggest it is Hammond, and it fits the build we’re expecting. The mech also looks similar to the model on the floor of Hammond’s room, but the teasers are yet to confirm something.

EDIT: Ok, I just saw the most recent teaser and that does confirm that 28 is Hammond


Apparently 12 Hammonds crashes the PTR


My first through of him i hv see in Videos

I love him he is so cute and looks alot fun to play
His Abilitys are pretty nice and his Mech looks amazing cant wait to see his Skins
His Origin Story is awesome to and the exact thing i hv throughs

But the only bad thing he is Hitscan im sadly not so good in Hitscan so yeah it will be kinda hard for me and he looks a bit hard to play ( he is a 3 Star Hero )

I cant wait to try him and im very hyped but i think he will just be my 2nd Main because of Hitscan and that he is more a off-tank as a Main Tank so Orisa will still be my #1 Main :slight_smile:

But yeah i still cant believe we got a Hamster as a Hero xDD

i also gonna try to draw him too when i finished my God of War Artworks ^^


Wrecking ball is giving me ptsd to when Bob could indefinitely roll on hunters. Also I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL!


His page is up.


I always appreciate interesting movement mechanics in games and it looks like this hamster has it in spades :smiley_cat:

Very excited for this one.


By far the most unique and fun addition to the game


yeah he looks fun as hell. so jelly I don’t have the game yet.