Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


When was the last time you played? There was a bug that allowed her to do over 800dps that we fixed a day or two ago.


So it looks like im not supposed to play Orisa anymore i hv a feeling that Blizzard doesnt want that i play my fav. and best Hero

Out of 40 Games i only won 2 Games as her in QP this weekend every Game was a instant lose whitout having any Chance beause my Team was doing nothing but it only happend when i play Orisa

When i was throwing a 5 DPS Team as Torbjörn or battle Mercy i still won the Match ( I hate 5 DPS so much why should the only main Tank in the Team switch to a healer if ur Team picks 5 DPS on Defend ? )
when i was playing Brigitte we won the Match and i got a good team
but when i played or switch back to Orisa we instant lose

If this will happend more i will unstill this bad Game again. Orisa is the only thing that interest me to play the Game and is the only hero where i hv fun whit. If i cant play her i didnt see any reason anymore to play this Game

And yeah some ppl whould say this Game was fun for me again because of Brigitte this is true but i got extreme bored playing her she is way to easy and doesnt have make me fun anymore. The only thing i still like to play her sometimes is that she can counters the 2 cancers called Tracer and Cyborg Naruto but still a good Tracer or Cyborg Naruto can outplay her


My advice is to focus on improving and play comp. You’re not going to get competitive games in Quick Play


after tired of playing QP i hv start playing Comp and yeah it works kinda better i won 2 of 3 Games right now as Orisa
The 1 lose was because of Pharmercy ( most broken and OP thing on console but sadly Blizzard didnt care about Console ) and the stupid Overtime Buff ( it is just a Myth but i know it exist it happend like 8/10 games when the enemy Team gets the point at Overtime they are kinda unstoppable

And yeah i hate comp because it is extreme toxic and ppl will report and blame you when u play a Hero they didnt like


Haha what a Comp Match on Numbani a Reinhard and Bastion on my Team blamed for picking Orisa on attack so i switched to Torbjörn to troll them that when they blame me for picking a Hero im going to throw. The Match start and i was switching back to Orisa. We won the Attack round very easy and we won the whole Match. The funniest thing was me who got blamed for picking Orisa got the Potg xD

Stupid Toxic Players Stop blaming Players for a Hero pick before the Match even start and u didnt see how that Player can perfom whit that Hero -.-


it has been a bit, my car crash last week and hitting my head has caused a cloud inside my brain with a concussion atm… long lasting too…


I join all chat, but lower in game voice chat volume to zero… solves that issue right up.


Sorry, gotta complain one more time, but why is it everytime I play high-damage character, Brigitte is unkillable, but when I play her, I lose every 1v1?


Positioning? Brig is super easy to clean up if she’s out of position, like every support, but the nature of her kit makes it super easy to fall out of position.

Also, using the shield in a pinch to block high burst attacks, like Helix rockets, and holding shield to block damage while allowing your passive to restore health.


Both situations were at a close enough range that both parties were capable of doing good damage, but somehow with them it’s always

*shield bash* flail-flail-flail-flail-flail-etc… *shield bash* flail-flail-flail-etc until death

and with me it’s always

*shield bash* flail-flail-flail-fli-*dead*

(and yes, both sides do block burst attacks like helix rockets)


So happy I came back to OW.

Those ranked games where you run “the” meta, most people have mics, everyone plays amazingly and communicates super well and it’s close enough to not feel “ez” but still comfortable enough that you don’t have to sweat too hard in the game. <3


Do you think it is wise for Blizzard to make a overwatch 2?


That’s not really a question that can be answered right now


Depends how you define “wise”. Personally, no. I see Overwatch as an incomplete project. There’s a lot more of the story left to write and a lot more balance issues/bugs.

However, if they did, it’d probably sell pretty well. So in that regard, you could say it is wise.


Never understood why Blizzard felt the need to remove “Gemeinsam kämpfen wir” as the Valkyrie line. I get that people missed the “Helden sterben nicht” but imo they both sound equally good and Helden sterben nicht doesn’t really make sense, as Mercy not in Valkyrie doesn’t prevent or undo death any less than Mercy in Valkyrie.

But Gemeinsam kämpfen wir does make sense, because Valkyrie initiates a phase in which grouped up team fighting is heavily rewarded


Rialto, ranked match. Both sides pushed to end. We have 1 minute to push, they have 2. Rein says he’ll stay on the payload so we don’t c9. We get to first checkpoint, and start chasing the ones running away. Suddenly it’s game over. Even though there were 3 people either side of the payload, none were close enough. The other team easily got to the checkpoint without even having to use overtime. I cri everytime.

Not too salty tho, cause it was a really fun match but DAMN! If we’d stayed on PL we could have gotten at least halfway through the second part, if not further!


Finally placed my first season on PC. Placed high Plat.

At least that hasn’t changed. Went on a small climb and got 1 win from Diamond and then met the midnight queues and got a 5 DPS game on Horizon (we did have a Brig but she played as DPS) and all of them were blaming each other for not picking Tank. The other game was really close on Hanamura and both teams capped Point B with time left. We had more, but then someone on our team left :/. So after losing both of those, I put the game down and went to bed.

Hoping to hit diamond before the season ends, and if not, then next season definitely


I accidently found something in overwatcha and I have no idea what it is for…




is it for clean screen shots? what is the intended purpose?


Love me some spicy Necros drama boi. Human Script


Did any1 has see this crazy teaser for Hero 28 ?


Is it finally happend again a unique Hero like Orisa ? O.O if the Hero has a great design, is very unique and has a fun gameplay i think i found my second Main :stuck_out_tongue:

Also it kinda reminds me of Behemoth lol