Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


I got to try out the team building… Its more like saying I will play this, but you can play whatever… but it becomes a more personal decision to break your choice. (less team wants a change of course)

I was just playing around and you can INDEED teleport BJORN turrets. hahahahah
oh you may want to give rapid fire ago too… send out a billion harrassing lil orbs.
LOVE, I straight up LOVE throwing the turrets.


Group leader can lock you into your role.

There’s also no benefit to saying you’ll do one thing and not doing it. You’re only going to disadvantage your self and your own team.

Yeah, I tried that already. The fire rate is do damn fast.


After a brief spell of rotating through the supports and even adding in some tanks (few games as Zarya, Orisa and Rein) I’ve decided to just practice my Ana play and Practice Zen if I want a break or Ana is taken. It’s been going pretty well. Someone on the enemy team commended me for “carrying” as Ana.


So, just had a ranked game which ended pretty crazily. As in, post screen stats. 11k xp. I thought I might have mis-seen it or something, but I leveled up, got a loot box and am 6k through the next level. Dunno what broke, but here’s hoping it breaks more often :wink:


This kind of Videos are so good i hv laught so hard xD Very good job on the Creator


omg it hurts… it hurts… what a great thing to wake up too.

@Btubnfj what character were you… we want the deets


Prolly Mercy. Had a lot of Mercy games recently, she’s ma gurl <3

Turns out it’s a double xp weekend. But to me it seems to be closer to 2.5x what I’d normally expect.

2-3 games for a loot box feels amazing tho


I hate dbl xp events myself… but that’s pretty neat… I tried playing this morning and the normal game is just not my thing anymore after playing the PTR version.


I hate them in that I kinda feel they cheapen any time you put in (to gain lootboxes) outside of that double/triple/whatever time.

What’s so much better on PTR? o.0


it is in fact the symm rework that is mostly responsible. The group up mode works pretty good to form groups with same mind sets but overall its what is happening on the battlefield.

I am starting to see people utilize symm in such a way that its changing the entire dynamic, and dare I say makes people play a LOT better…

Imagine Diving the enemy, Symm pops ult to block your friendly fire, you are no longer being saved by friendly fire. And it ALSO works in reverse to segregate people away from their team… It is making a more proper team dynamic in the common populace.




God, don’t you just love being stunned by Brigitte, and giving her the option to build up a healing buffer, meaning she has pretty much already won the duel?

Or doing gold damage and eliminations as Moira?


i will have nightmares for life because of this Thumbnail :frowning:


Ikr, I sent him a really bad game… but I couldn’t stop laughing… Didn’t expect him to use it…lol


I’ve been grinding the brawl. Completeing Junkenstein’s Revenge easily gives 12K+ per run.

Unfortunately, this means taking the heroes that are already dead and killing them even more.


Yeah, but it has reduced the overextending of so many wanderers.


The ult is a 5k map wide ult, right? What’s the deal with it? Can it be shot/walked through by allies, and can it be walked through by enemies? Is it basically a giant ass Rein shield?


We took 5 bastions unloading on it without taking it down before its timer expired… it goes up… just forget about breaking it. (15 sec / 5000 hp) Acts like a rein shiled or Winston shield… energy passes through like Moria Orbs, but Physical media does not. You can walk through just fine. So basic shield rules. so yeah, Rein feels pretty puny when it pops.


That sounds like a bug to me. 5 Bastions shooting it at point blank range should do over 30K dmg in 15 seconds


it should… but then if you rapid fire her primary it can kill an rein in .3 seconds.
so shes broken badly.