Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


So after playing the Uprising Event ( still my fav. Mode in the Game ) again i really must say…

I want the Detonator Bomb from the Uprising Event as Hero 28 he / she / it will be instant my new Main

just image how awesome it would be to play as the Detonator

Team : " Why are you throwing ? Can u plz help ur Team stop it "
Me : " Sry Guys im coming im just very slow i will help u in a minute "


Salty Team : " What are you doing ? can u plz stop to kill yourself evertime ? "
Me : " Sry guys this is how the Hero works it is a Bomb it Explodes "
Angry Team : " Come one guys every1 report this Girl for throwing "

Best and most viable Hero ever 10 / 10 i would One-Trick him

Im 100% seriously

btw did any1 has see the Video where a Player was able to play in a Ranked Game as the PVE Enemys ? i was laughting so hard when he was playing as the Detonator xDD


I crack myself up…


Because McCree’s voiced by the same guy who voiced Abe.


I’ve been having so much fun on Ana and Zen again, and I’ve recently added Zarya to my hero pool. It’s very difficult to build charge in Quick Play because one- shot tactics run rampant and main tanks are few and far between, but when I’m done with school I’ll be able to play comp. There won’t be much time left in the season when school’s over, but I’ll be able to play all of S11.


you know, I thought I was in QP so I went Genji (never play genji…ever) … I destroyed people in rank with him… Maybe I have insane dps skills and I never knew…


I is a sad boi.

I wanna play with people I already know but they’ve all had the game for at least a year now and they’re all experts and shit, while I’m the newbie of the group. So I always end up solo queing.



what is your handle? is it PixelELF?


My handle? I’m not following, is that some kind of Overwatch jargon? :sweat_smile:


What do you go by (the handle) while you play Overwatch.

For instance, my handle is TriXieKat
and OW tosses on id# so I am TriXieKat#11260 but this is usually invisible


Do you know the quote from Abe about a Sci-fi cowboy who has a blackhole gun in a comic book? That’s where I got the reference.




Been playing a lot of Mayhem in Arcade, and man I hate the Brigitte and Mei comps


igi is real fun hero to play, but she doesnt have enough true counters atm…


I feel like shield should have less HP. It has the same HP as Winstons bubble and is much smaller, so in practice is has much higher sustainability than Winstons bubble.

I don’t think you should ever see a Brig holding right click and walking forward unless there’s a Tac-Visor or something. It should be used to in a pinch to block lethal attacks or CC, such as Reins shatter, or Dvas Self Destruct, or RIP-Tire. Having armor, and a shield, and a stun, and self heal is way too much sustain for a Support.

It would also add a little bit of skill to the hero. That’s the problem with many OW characters. Some characters are mechanically/technically challenging or are neither. EG, Ana and Tracer are mechanically and technically challenging, while Brigitte and Mercy are neither.


While my problems dont lie in her sustain… shes a paladin… but I do think that hold the shield and walking forward should be slowed down tremendously… right now I do not think there is a speed hit for holding it and that makes it a very high potential utility. .

I feel if they can get that shield under control it will alleviate many of her issues. But She was designed to be meta breaking, but what she really did is just bring the pendulum all the way to her style instead of just disrupting dive.



So it finally happened.


it has and its glorious


damn after seeing this Barrier the Barrier of my Orisa looks extreme Tiny xD But the design Barrier looks amazing O.O im so happy that it has a Timer i think it would be kinda to strong if it didnt because of the 5000hp
I will sadly miss her auto-lock it was great help for me because it was good against Genji and Tracer sometimes

Btw im back as a full Orisa One-Trick because i love her Design annd Cute Character so much :slight_smile: and i kinda got bored whit Brigitte :stuck_out_tongue: i really hope i get her awesome Event Skin before the Event ends it is the only event item i didnt have for my wonderful Robo-Horse


So excited for this next patch. Symmetra looks like a Monster, but that God awful not brain gun is going, as well as the toxic teleporter. Sym is finally going to require skill. Woo.

Also LFG? Yes fucking please