Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


Feel like I should be playing for the event but the game is so stale for me.


Best avoid it and play something else then for a while. You don’t want to force yourself to play it and get completely burned out.

Alternatively, if you really want to play the event, you could try practicing a hero you normally don’t play


This is the event to play, EVERY SKIN and what not is AVAILABLE to acquire. If you only hit up one event, make ti the one where you can get all the stuff from the past.


Dunno. Mainly focused on D2. The game is Gucci. I just got the DLC’s you see…


Im going to hammer out this event and wait for the next most likely with a few games between
(Spirit Forest Orisa is the one I really want.)


I hv try to play Orisa again on my Main acc because like every1 know Orisa is still my fav. Hero in the Game ( love her design and her cute Personality ) but no she is sadly still just unplayable for me because of Genji and the 5 DPS Teams in QP ( Orisa is unplayable whitout healer ) :frowning:

Orisa will still be my Main on my Main Acc but i will play more whit my Brigitte acc

3 things why i love playing Brigitte are

  • she doesnt need much aim because my aim isnt the best
  • she has selfheal so i dont need a Healer everytime

And the most important thing :

  • i get my revenge on Genji and his annoying deflect Muhahahah


Every team is unplayable without a healer. Otherwise she is very viable and edges out Reinhardt with the current meta.


Yeah, this is the case for pretty much everyone without reliable 1v1 potential in Quick play. Quick Play has literally no competitive integrity.

You still should. All supports have some amount of self-sustain (although Brigittes is probably the best) but typically need another support to help to support them, as well as the rest of the team.


well to be fair… OW Comp barely has Comp integrity.

when I play igi, I like to hang around the orisas…

Current Meta losers? Winston, Genji, Tracer oh look they made igi to smash just the dive comp LOL


There is a meta, and there will always be a meta. That’s how these games work. There will be team comps built around something specific, and they will be executed as well as possible. If they don’t work, changes may be made to counter the enemy more efficiently.

QP has none of that.

This isn’t a bad idea, because your healing, dmg and CC capabilities are exactly what Orisa needs when a Gengu is hopping all over her.

Which many people are happy about. I’ve avoided giving an opinion. If I’m to chose between one horror and another, I’d rather not chose at all.


lol, that was funny. Myself, I am in favor of shifting meta and I am happy that they finally added a proper dive destroyer…(sorry symm, people do not play you like an igi).

I am betting after looking at the anniversary screen layout that the next hero will be short and fly or glide

so my guess is some type of hybrid hero again this time to accompany Pharrah in the skies.
With all the adjustments announced to Symm, something tells me we are going to get a shield shutdown hero.


I’m a support main, and dive was awful. However, I don’t think it’s much better that a support can 1v1 and kill my DPS before they even have time to press x. Also, Rein is back and meta, which I love. I always though that Rein mirror matches made the most fun games. I love playing with and against a Rein, and I’ve always enjoyed the part of the game where both teams are stacked behind Rein and both Reins have shatter, and the Reins are trying to out-play each other by baiting it out, or positioning behind the shield. Now? Brig just stuns them.

Funny how you mention these two things. Shields are back in Meta now, since Rein, Orisa and Winston are all viable, and Brigitte has been added, and, as you say, Symm is getting her rework. While I don’t think we need (or that I want) another flying hero for my DPS to fail to hit, I’ve always thought about bringing back Pharah’s Concussive Blast’s interaction with shields. I don’t know if you know, but in the Beta (or maybe even before) this ability did a large amount of damage if it hit a shield. The only problem with this is that it would make her effective vs Brigitte’s shield, yes, but would also make her very effective vs Winston and Orisa.

I would like to see some sort of reliable method of dealing with the Plethora of shield heros that we have. However, if this character were to be too strong… it’ll probably just bring Dive back into meta. We’ll see how it goes.


Decided to finally dip my toes into competitive this season. Mind you, I suck at shooters. I panic quickly, my aim isn’t amazing, and I’m not up to date to what hero to pick when at all.

But to see I end up in gold is kinda nice

Oh, and immediately also got to knows the bad side; I’ve been cussed at more since starting competitive than I’ve ever been cussed at in any game, ever :roll_eyes:


Oh, yeah, Overwatch is hella toxic. Typical especially from DPS players, but I’m sure my personal experience isn’t representative of the whole community


Had a player complain the DPS were bad (me as Pharah and a Doomfist). Thing is, we got sniped every time we pushed because of a Widow-Mcree combo. Dude was playing Winston and just kept telling us we were bad instead of, you know, diving the widow -.-


I mean, if the team is being hard countered by an enemy/the enemy comp, the obvious thing to do is swap. But I guess flaming people is easier


no your right, carry on…


I had a Match where i had gold in elimination, Gold in Healing ( we had a Mercy in the Team ) as Brigitte and saved my Team 2 times from a Reaper Ult

My Team : " Stupid Brigitte One-Trick plz switch u are doing nothing "

we lost

Toxic Guy on my Team : " Wow another lose because of a One-Trick "

and 3 days ago i had a Genji Main who was throwing because he got killed 1 Time in the Match i just was like " really ? " we lost the Match

yep best community ever The OW Community is A-MEI-zing xD


Let me just say that, as a Doomfist main of the highest caliber, I fucking hate her.


That said though, one of my placement matches we had a guy in an obviously eastern European accent accent if he could pick widow. Think it was attack on Hollywood. We said sure, as long as he was, you know, useful

Dude carried us through the whole game. Shutdown most enemy ults

So eh, it’s not all bad.