Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


It was an orisa orb aka orisa’s halt. I already said that.


I personally never have or never would have called it halt… I would give that to her Green shield stance thingy.


Well that’s the name of the ability…


I know I know. After I reread your post I did the research. Everything in the game, points her self barrier mode as halt from how it works (rein dead stop type stuff) her emotes and more…

wouldn’t it be funny if they accidently named it like that on accident and just kept it.

still though with that all aside, I wonder how you actually hooked it… I Wonder if they fired, took the hook and activated the self green shield thingy all at the same time.


wasn’t me just sharing something cool I saw on reddit.


Anniversary Event is finally live OMG im so hyped for Brigitte Dance Emote im happy i already have 1.300 Credits so i can instant buy it :slight_smile: And yeah i hope i will get her new skin too in this event if not im waiting for next year :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the Brigitte and Hanzo Nerfs are live too now i hope it doesnt hurt her so much :frowning: ( stupid whiners on the OW forum )

Btww before i can playing i need to download the Update for 5 hrs



While you wait, contemplate the unexposed future of Kala


I already have make a fun lore about the new Brigitte Skin in the OW Forum because some1 has complained why her Hair is blonde on that Skin xD

Torb : " Darling why our daughter doesnt have the same Hairs like us ? "
Brigitte : " Hey dad im back from work "
Angry Torb : " Your are not my daughter anymore if u are not Blonde like me and your Mom. "
Scared Brigitte : " but … "
Angry Torb : "Even look at ur godfather Reinhardt he was blonde too in his young Years so If u didnt change ur Hair then my wonderful Turret will be my new Daughter "

2 Days later Briggite changed her hair to blonde

Torb : " This is my Girl "

And this is how Brigitte new Skin got created some ppl can say this is just a wig but no im 99% sure this is how it happend :stuck_out_tongue:



This story is definitely enough for me. I need that skin now :’>



No, no, the character was broken. Asking for something to be correctly balanced isn’t exactly being a stupid whiner. A support should not be able to 1-shot combo a DPS if the combo takes 0 skill to land.



Nice pull. +2 points. I love this stuff.


damn creating a Character need so much time Ppl who working on this are very talented O.O
i think for me it would be way to hard xD

i remember when i saw a Video where a Game designer has make the animation for Behemoth in the Behemotht reveal Trailer i was just like " Damn this amazing " i love video like this :slight_smile:

im wondering how long the animation would take for realistic Character like Kratos from the new God of War
i think it would take much longer as when the character has the style of a Comic because of the extra details :stuck_out_tongue:


Well they cheat with Kratos…

his is all motion capture. What ends up happening is they capture the realitve key frams (or more) of what they need… Then an animator comes in and apply animation principles to the work to make it not only more believable but exaggerated as well. If the whole unit is rigged properly, then its matter of a lot of small adjustments until you reach your goal. so the time is relative to what you see above.

(don’t get me wrong, a brilliant effort goes into the work from the method actor… props to them 100 percent)


ohh yeah i forget that most realistic games use motion capture i already have saw a Video where the Voice Actor was doing it :slight_smile: But i still think the Creatures in the Game like the World Seprent are a bit harder to create as some OW heroes because of the Details

But anyways i dont think Motion Capture would work for OW because of some Heroes like D.Vas Mech, Winston, Orisa and maybe Torbjörn and Blizzard already have show that the Game is full handmade ^^


This is the same animator!
@PoodleTime was the lead animator for Evolve

And it greatly depends on the art direction, game style, production budget and time if motion capture is used. But even all the motion capture data gets touched up personally by animators.


OMG yes i got it !! The Skin wasn a must have for me because i didnt like it so much and i dont think i will use it alot but i got it :smiley:

The funny thing since the event startet i got like 4 Legendarys and the Brigitte Skin is the first Legendary i got from the new Event xD The other Skins was Jazz Lucio, Young Genji ( i wanted to kill myself ) and Oasis Moira :stuck_out_tongue:

btw i didnt have buy any Lootboxes i will never buy Lootboxes in any Games

Edit : Ok after playing some Games whit the Skin i really must say the Skin is awesome it isnt my fav. but looks great in a Match but the only thing i still dont like about it is her blonde Hairs :stuck_out_tongue:


The Reins daugter skin lol