Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


This generally happens when you smurf, yeah. And when you one-trick. Your SR gets massively inflated, and then you’ll slowly drop down to where you should be. It’s because you’re not actually learning and improving, you already have experience.


But this didnt happend in season 8 when i was One Tricking Orisa i got from 2500 to 3300. But since i One Trick Brigitte i only get leavers or bad teammates who even cant handle a Junkrat, Bastion or torbjörn. I always try my best and really try to work whit the Team because Brigitte is bad at 1 vs 2 but out of 6/9 loses my Team was just instant dying and i already has know that i will lose even before the Match start. Playing Ranked Solo is really a joke


Best way to climb is in duo, but solo isn’t so bad if you communicate



Im not sure though for me… I can slowly inch up and then get hit with that overwatch slide and then have to start all over. i kid you not I had a series of bad games in a row that took over 800 SR.

But, what bow that I have beaten my current sr level, if I just wait for next season and do more placements I have a feeling I can get past that overwatch slide and get into the bracket of players i want to play.

but yeah, solo ^.^


So you bought and or are using a new copy in some way… if I asked this before… oops ^.^

Either Way, I thought about getting a 2nd copy on PC to start over and see how the placements go. BUUUT i want to wait for a super sale on OW before I do.

p.s… when i play igi, i find a short combo against rat that pushes him away on the final hit quickly is usually what it takes to get rid of him safely. You need him in close though too start…


Honestly can’t speak too much for solo, because after multiple complete fk ups, I refused to do it. When 3-4 stacking every game, I hovered around high plat, and had to pop off to reach Diamond, and I barely did.

I made a smurf so I could play with friends and not have to try hard without damaging my SR. Well, it turned out that my Smurf would become my climbing account where I duo queued with only one other person. If he wasn’t playing, I went onto my “main”. As an Ana/Zen main my duo was placed in Low Diamond and I climbed to Masters.

My greatest success has definitely been in duos.


Lol I never ever climbed before for a large SR amount. The most I get before losing is around 50.


Your greatest success was leaving your friends behind… 8(

jk ^.^ I am glad you found an account that works for you.


No not a new Copy on PS4 if u buy a Game on the PS Store u can reinstall or uninstall it so many times u want :slight_smile: i would never waste Money on OW again xD


Oh? the glory of consoles. The ability to really do… whatever…

I used to do things on xbox live like that… right now my son and like 4 of his friends share one connection for all thier accounts by making a chain of ‘family’ consoles.

Wish I could reset for free. I made another account when Moria first came out to do exactly what you did with igi… alas, battle.net was like sorry, you dont OWN it. try again.



So i have 20 Lose Streak now best Season ever 10/ 10 I really dont know why but they ruin Ranked Mode whit every new Season. Every Match is the same my Team has a 2540 SR the enemy Team has a SR of 2700 or something. Every Match on Defend is the same u get destroyed or u defend the point pretty well until Overtime and then u get destroyed ( feels like the Attack Team get a buff or something at Overtime ). In 10 Games out of my 20 lose streak i had a thrower or leaver. My SR after Placement was 2943 now it is 2430 my last time i was Gold was in Season 2. I hv try it again on my Main Acc too but nope still loses. And QP is unfun to play too because the Matchmaking is extreme terrible

Im done whit this frustrated Game now again i think i will try it again if the Anniversary Event start but for now im done and will take a break of the Game

So for now welcome back Star Wars Battlefront 2, God of War and Monster Hunter World 3 awesome and extreme fun Games. I just hope i will find another Online Game except OW where u can main ur fav. Character :frowning: (my biggest hope is Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal 2 i hope so much it will be revealed at E3 )

OW has a pretty nice concept but sadly the balancing, the Devs, the Gameplay and the Community all are bad


I wonder why they never reverted the widow body shot change when they gave zen 200 health


Brigitte is perfect waifu material… Help

@xDaRkNeZzChAoSX join me and be amazed @w@


i already saw it love her Dance Emote :slight_smile: Her new Skin is Ok but not a must have for me didnt like that the Hairs change to much

Im happy that i already have 900 Credits so when the Event start i can instant buy her Dance Emote :stuck_out_tongue:

Orisa has the best of all of the new Skins O.O

Moira looks like drunk on her Dance lol


Shoulda known you’ve seen it already >_<
But the skin I think looks pretty good. Cus that Flail looks so deadly @w@
The skin definitely makes me think of skyrim >.<

I’m hoping there’ll be some intros or other new emotes… Here’s to hoping something for genji >…<



Apparently you can hook Orisa’s halt


lol WTF O.O

Orisas Halt as Hero 28 confirmed ?


Itr looks like a zar orb or orisa orb caught it. The tumbleweed is messed up too though so …