Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


How much of the money actually goes to the charity?


I mean asides from tracer and torb oh and widow is probably straight since she killed her husband I don’t know any of their sexualities cause it hasn’t really come up in game? The only reason I know about Torb is because he was in the video/comic or whatever that revealed Tracer was gay.



Surprising. And admirable.

I know about Tracer because Jeff bloody announced it in a Dev update. Is there a need?


I don’t see what the problem is? If Jeff announced that Torb/Widowmaker/Rein/whoever was straight would you be complaining? It was mentioned because it differs from the rest otherwise it’s just assumed that she’d be straight.

Yeah if they randomly retconned it then I can see why you might complain but it’s not some old character they decided was suddenly gay or swapped skin colours.


Yes, yes I would. The exception is Widow and Ana as Widow’s husband is a huge part of her back story, likewise with Pharah being Ana’s daughter. But with Tracer, it’s not relevant for her character. And I didn’t even know Torb’s sexuality because, unlike Tracer, it wasn’t mentioned in a Dev update. So why was Tracer made to be gay? To me, it seems like it was just to have a gay character. That’s the part I disagree with.

If they want to write a gay character, then sure, go ahead. But then write them. Don’t just write a character and say they are gay.

And no, when I say write a gay character, I don’t mean make them stereotypical, but there is literally no mention or reference to it in the game, yet Jeff made a point of announcing it.

We know there’s some degree of a love interest between Mercy and Genji based on archived Voice lines. Doing the same thing with 2 same sex characters would be fine, because that adds story and depth. Saying “hey, you know Tracer? Gay btw?” doesn’t add depth.

Bearing in mind I don’t read the comics and have no interest in them. But pointing out a difference just because it’s a difference doesn’t sit well with me. Would much rather their be some minor references to it in game, allowing you to discover it for yourself, or work it out, rather than Jeff announce it and then you never hear of it again.

Just to summarise, there’s nothing wrong with having a gay character in a game. I am not complaining that Tracer is gay, I’m question the necessity of its emphasis and the method of how it was “integrated” into the Overwatch world.


Having a child doesn’t make you straight. Also having a husband doesn’t necessarily make you straight either y’know with the unlikely possibility of him being a beard and all.

Why not?

They did with the comic…?

Why would there be? In game I can’t think of any character hitting on another character or mentioning their SO?

And if the devs feel that the character wouldn’t talk about their non-overwatch SO during a mission?

You’re not interested in the comics but that doesn’t mean you hear about it once in a dev update (also which dev update did they say that in)

What emphasis? You hear about it in a dev update, they make a christmas comic that includes her girlfriend among all the others and they added one line in-game that mentions it.


Having a biological child, requires two people of the opposite sex. Excluding bi sexuality, or a non-binary gender (which accounts for a barely measurable fraction of the population) that makes you straight. I guess it’s wrong to rule out the possibility, but it is impractically low.

“Why not” is not a valid reason to do things.

Not the game. As is my point. So why did Jeff feel the need to announce it in a Dev update?

And I can’t remember any other characters SO being announced by the leading game designer.

Then why try to make it part of the character at all if they aren’t going to put it into the game?

I’ve heard it once in a Dev update, and then in multiple discussions such as this one, in which the need (or in some cases, the morality) of it is questioned.

The fact that it was announced. I didn’t know there was an in-game voice line, although from what I’ve just read it appears to have been added over a year after release.

I wouldn’t have a problem if there were subtle references to it in game from release, or shortly after. But the announcement of Tracer being gay seemed like a half-assed, unfinished attempt to appease people however, it seems that they made some attempts to finish it, unbeknownst to me. As you’ve said, having a child or husband doesn’t necessarily make you straight. Widow has reference to Gérard, and Ana says some things that suggest some sort of relationship with characters in game (or at least spark speculation for it), yet their SOs weren’t announced.

Again, just to make it crystal clear. Having gay characters is fine, and I haven’t said this yet, but I think queer characters should be much more than just their sexual/gender identity, but there’s a balance. I think just tossing in an “is gay, btw” with no writing or depth is pointless, and a little bit irritating.


Game ain’t set in the 1600’s there is such a thing as sperm donors.

It’s a fairly valid reason to have people with different sexualities, ethnicities etc. on a multi-national team.

Probably because a ton of people were super excited when it was mentioned that there was an LGBT+ character on the OW roster.


Cause they might want to do background lore reveals through videos or comics?

So what? That’s one thing it’s not emphasised at all outside of a one-off announcement in a dev update and one portion of a comic.

Her sexuality is a tiny portion of her personality and the writing and depth comes from their comics or videos. Maybe they wanted to hold off at the beginning or maybe they didn’t want the 18+ rating in russia.


Maybe they were happy about it and thought it was okay to share? maybe?

or it was a money grab.

(that aside there are some subtle interactions that knock on tracer about her sexuality, sombra is one)


I couldn’t possibly know what goes on inside their heads, but based on how it was executed?

This seems more likely. At the start they put literally 0 depth or effort into it. It was literally a “btw”.


Can you link the dev update cause all I remember is it being announced with a comic though they did mention that there were LGBT back in 2015 and asked again about it at the 2016 blizzcon.


I’ll try to find it. Looking at some of the Dev updates, it might actually not have been one because I remember a different format of video. But I do remember Jeff talking about it. :confused: Interesting.

She was probably made to be gay in preempt of that.

Someone’s sexuality shouldn’t dictate the amount of attention their relationship gets.

I think it’s a major strength of games to portray background Lore through the Multiplayer aspect of the game, without taking away from the gameplay. Evolve is a marvellous example. Overwatch has it a bit, but it’s not done as well. Thus, this topic was neglected for many months.

This I agree with.

Which was still neglected for almost a year after release, and there was no in-game reference for a further 6 months.

Don’t know what to say, I’m just not sold on how they included it in

I guess myself and the OW team have different ideas of Lore integration. Not much else to it


It was me.


This is me as well.


Or when they were writing backstories for her she ended up being gay.

Certain people were super excited to hear that OW had LGBT characters if a portion of your fanbase are super excited about something I don’t see whats wrong with it getting mentioned.

And it’s hard as balls and still won’t give you anywhere near the detail that outside sources provide and as you probably recall Matthew posted stories on this forum.

Or they knew how they wanted (or didn’t want) to bring it up?

Goodman: There is an LGBT character in the game. It’s difficult, because we don’t want to just be weirdly heavy-handed with this. We have comics and a bunch of other media to show this. We don’t want to force something in the game that is just going to feel like it’s in people’s face. We don’t want people to be like, “This just doesn’t make sense.”

I don’t really get the problem with this? Strictly multiplayer games tend to be light on the story telling unless they suplement it with secondary sources.


yeah, but… all the Overwatch Characters are either Gay or Lesbian I thought. you see how they interact.


(SIDE NOTE) New HanzoP and myself work together as a DPS hero. I can actually get something done with him now… (plus launching a million dragons)


Awww… I hope things will be fine at home soon Chaos >…<"

As for the teams you get in OW. It’s really sucky you often get the bad ones. I tend to get ones that aren’t that bad and don’t generally flame on team chat :T
Maybe it’s cus I play on PC but there we are…

Also, your SR is really good despite having that W/L ratio on your placements O_O


Overwatch SR system… damnit.


So i finished my Placement Matches whit my Brigitte Only Acc ( i hv make it on Friday ) and this is how it ends

i got a 2949SR so yeah already better as on my Main Acc lol

Since i use this Acc it works pretty well for me. I will play OW only on this Acc anymore . Its kinda like a Reboot for me :slight_smile: i cant believe i have fun on OW again O.O

And yeah this is how my Playtime looks like on Ranked ( Std = Hrs )

And this is how it looks like on QP

U see Brigitte Only and i hv a Goal to get like 100hrs on her whitout playing anyone else xD If some1 picks her before me in Ranked i will leave before the Game starts so that the other Players didnt get a lose i know i can get a suspended for Ranked if i do this alot but i have a Goal :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing that still annoying me is Junkrat and his insane Splash Damage i know Splash Damage is 1 of Brigittes hardest counters but sometime he hits my Shield and i still get 120 damage -.- I really think her Shield Hitbox is a bit smaller since her Shield Bash fix… and we all know that Blizzard has problems whit Hitboxes " Genjis old deflect says hi "

Edit : forget my Goal i had lose like 9 Matches in a Row again i was so angry that i have accidentally picked Zenyatta ( now i have 30hrs on Brigitte and 3sec on Zenyatta ) i was so shocked that i have instant klick of the " uninstall " Button . Yeah i can install Overwatch again just because of a Mistake sometimes i really hates myself -.- OW Ranked Mode Solo is really the biggest Crap ever i hv seen u already know before the Match start that u will lose