Overwatch Post-Launch Thread


If you’re talking about syms primary fire rework, its two times as slow. If it was 2 times as fast that would mean each power level would take .5 seconds to achieve. They doubled the amount of time from 1 to 2 seconds, so it’d be 2 times as slow.


Well sym’s already a pain in the ass, so yay, make her a bigger pain.


I will use fake numbers here so be lenient

original is like 15/30/60/120
new is like 30/60/120/160

so its overall more powerful (which I translated into faster for some reason) but I read those as more powerful across stages…


Prolly me.

Sometimes the insanity just gets the best of me


OMG omg omg… get this… I was playing in COMP. I had my whole team in sync.

Playing igi, and with them being solid as well we destroyed them 1st round.
On the 2nd round I was like… wait… what? this is Quickplay? >.<
Then I start overextending and we go to the 3rd.
we win in the third… pretty easily too.

Later on log back in… 0.o I was playing in Euro servers? lol (us server player)


Loaded up the game “Trixie I’m going to slap you in the $&*(#$^” yelled at me right at lobby start up…

I sent a message to OW and said… I’m muting all comms forever in your game unless it is truly needed.


Very mature people.


well you know I figure that If I lower the in game voice chat to 0, then I will look like I am still in it.


Did that guy even know you though?


no, I never played with them before… I loaded into the game and was immediately blasted.
(no action from blizzard has yet been taken)


So i hv reinstalled the Game today as a Test if i will have fun again whit Brigitte in Ranked. So if it works good i would play the game again ( QP is awful i didnt play it anymore ) … but no i hv played like 15 Game and hv instant uninstall it again i won 4 Games the other Games i had bad teammembers who didnt team up, in 6/15 Games i had Toxic ppl and ppl who start throwing just because they wanted to play Brigitte. The new Hanzo is so annoying i didnt think he is OP but u cant see if he use that Storm Arrows or not because the animation is so small

But the worst thing was i had a good team but then i got a disconnect but i hv try to rejoin fast as possible, We won the Game but no i got a lose for it and got suspendet for 9 minutes … Really?

Im now complete done whit this Game i hv unsub all of the OW Youtuber i had subscribe on YT

Goodbye OW and thank you… thank you for nothing


Try new Hanzop, last week same thing happened to me… the game just disconnected…i hit rejoin and it wouldnt let me


That’s saddening to hear but you gave it another chance Chaos >_<
Chances are slim but here’s to hoping something will interest you about OW. Until then, other games for you ain’t bad :>


Man the ow wiki is so full of retards. Before there were a couple of dumbasses still hating tracer for being LGBTQ, and now two more asshats pop up. It’s like they’re fucking bugs that reproduce in the hundreds and just swarm your house.


Does anyone know that the 911 means on my pic with overbuff?


Your level?


I think i was kinda overreacting i will give the Game another Chance maybe it was because i already have alot stress at home ( house remodeling whit my Family ) and because u can forget OW at weekend because of the many Pro-wannabe Kids who blame u for everything

I had a 12 Years old Kid in my Team who has blame me just because he didnt got Brigitte. He wanted to report me and wanted to throw if i didnt switch. I didnt has switch but the Match got disconnected because 1 person of the enemy team was leaving

I will give the game another Chance but i think i will only play on my Smurf acc first and if i see it works good i will try it on my Main Acc again :slight_smile:

But yeah i think alot ppl can understand me why i was so extreme mad about the Game if u have something like this ( after u wanted to try the Game again ) + stress at home

this isnt even the worst part after my placement Matches i got a 2993 Sr i was like " ok this is fine " but then i got back to 2800 sr because i lost another 5 games in a row whitout good Teams

The only reason i still would play the Game is Brigitte because i love her Character and Gameplay i didnt was interested about anything in OW since over a Year ( Orisas Release ). If Brigitte ( and maybe still Orisa ) wouldnt be in the Game i would never want to play it again :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello another 19GB i need to download now ( again ) i really think i should to stop uninstall the Game just because im mad about it xD


see i won 7 out of the 10 while most of the time on fire and I landed at 2041 or something. I am now at 2071 but I am waiting a second before I move on… (that overwatch slide has plagued me for 5 seasons now… )


Breast Cancer Awareness Month Mercy $15 Skin = Donation for BCAM

I love the skin, Mercy is just too cute! but since it was a charitable cause i picked her up.


There’s no reason to hate Tracer for it, but it was unnecessary, especially since there was no mention of it pre or at release. Jeff just said one day “Yeah, that’s a thing, btw”